Zero to $1 MILLION with Affiliate Marketing! (FULL STORY)

Zero to $1 MILLION with Affiliate Marketing! (FULL STORY)

Is Odi Productions Legit? Is Odi Productions a scam? I’ve gotten tired of the speculation and decided to share my actual story of how I went from complete ZERO to over $1 Million with AFFILIATE MARKETING alone. NOT from selling courses or teaching. Enjoy.

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If you’re new to my channel, my name is Odi and I’m an Entrepreneur, Music Producer, and Passive Income Expert. I first started by doing Amazon Associates affiliate marketing then branching out to other affiliate networks and more profitable niches. Affiliate marketing is the best source of passive income IMHO and has allowed me to live in my dream home and own my dream garage. Make sure to check out my other videos for more!

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Chris Amis says:

First of all thank you ODI for being real, in this age of phonies, you are more of a guiding light then you realize. I look forward to joining your group soon

Daud Jama says:

Truly inspiring

Daud Jama says:

Sound authentic and real, thanks for sharing man

The Life Launcher says:

Great content once again ODI – you are the man. Just kick started my own channel – check it out

Erik Acevedo Correa says:

Hi, do you have training in Spanish?

Biruk Seifemichael says:

Great Video Odi. I’m happy for u. You’re the person who motivates me to create my website. I remembered I didn’t have enough money to create the website and I borrowed from my sister. it’s been 7 months and it’s not growing. But I’m grateful to make my first commission on Dec. about $3. And I wanna ask u what’s ur advice and is website alone can really impact ur business. Like yours. I feel like i’m going in the wrong direction.

Rayane Nasro says:

Can you do a video explaining step by step what you did to succed and which is best platform to promote

Eudora Jones says:

Great Video Thanks for making dreams come true. Very encouraging !!!🤗

Alex Padilla says:

I’m doing affiliate marketing through Instagram. Made 12k the last 2months But I fill like I have no structural on how to grow more. Any advice?

Hamdan K says:

I need help! I’m posting my links on Instagram but no one sees! Can anyone help?

Deepika Srinivas says:

Hey hi
I'm really highly motivated by all ur videos
This is aweosme whatever Ur doing in life
I really want to be on my own too
To be able to make my own money and achieve something
I don't know where to get started
And it's like the perfect time now
I'm 18 years old now and I want to do something
I've been doing a lot of research but I'm getting confused on where to start and what to do
Could u plz help me out?

Kato Kambo says:

I would love to know, when you started you outsourced the articles or wrote everything by yourself? ❤️

Toki Tover - Fuel Your Dreams says:

What a journey!! Visualization is huge especially when you start to let limiting beliefs creep in your mind… Very inspiring Odi 🙂🔥

Rafael Solares says:

I never comment on Youtube videos, but this did it for me. I'm starting my Affiliate Marketing journey today!!! Thank you for this!

Amna Emoji says:

No you are not scam, you are the first one told me that I need a website for affiliate marketing ☺😉 love from Denmark

Mike Valle says:

Brooo!!! I Love this video, love seeing the journey it was well put together and also very motivating 🔥🔥

Odi is the real deal guys I mean where will you find transparency like this 💯

over 9000 says:

Thanks ODI productions for these videos! You have given me hope that I can one day help my family financially

CBAZXY says:

Seeing so many fake gurus who I thought were true made search odi production coffezilla not gonna lie

wc tech team says:

Odi u r legit 💓

Relaxing Music Channel says:

Awesome! Congratulations.

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