Why 99% will FAIL affiliate marketing in 2020…

Why 99% will FAIL affiliate marketing in 2020…

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99% will most likely FAIL with affiliate marketing in 2020. This business model CAN generate passive income and actually make money online, but you need to be better than the average if you want to succeed. Here’s my best advice on how to separate yourself from average.

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If you’re new to my channel, my name is Odi and I’m an Entrepreneur, Music Producer, and Passive Income Expert. I first started by doing Amazon Associates affiliate marketing then branching out to other affiliate networks and more profitable niches. Affiliate marketing is the best source of passive income IMHO and has allowed me to live in my dream home and own my dream garage. Make sure to check out my other videos for more!

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Verano says:

I’ll be in 1% 😎

Tony Gonzalez says:

Great advice. I am starting out and doing my research in affiliate marketing. I know under the circumstances that we are at right now in the world it may seem hard but it’s the drive that I believe it gives you to be more. Hard work pays off. Getting my skills in order to do my best.

GCloudWebHost Application Solutions says:

Thanks ODI, I have a new video at GCloudWebHost that shows what I am actually doing today for my clients. 🙂

Franklyn Estruch Betancourt says:

What's your advice for those people like me who wants to initiate as Ecommerce ? I mean what's the first step or business line ?

Cyber 11 says:

Whatever it takes, I WILL NEVER STOP LEARNING!!!

Ernest Panfiloff says:

is affiliate marketing edible?

Justin H says:

Another great video! Absolutely love everytime you post another one man. Learning so much! Just completed my first 3 steps of the free affiliate guide and can’t wait for my next step! Very excited to learn new skills and learn how to be better!!

Rasheed Bolade says:

What would you set as a monthly minimum budget to cover the cost of tools, Ad budget and skills development?

Kaitlin Goldiss says:

Hey Odi. I’m new to affiliate marketing but i have such a fire in my belly to succeed in it. I’m currently learning from Franklin Hatchets course and I’ve been learning so much.
I don’t know where this path will lead but all i know is it can’t hurt in trying something new. Funny you say get more skills, i signed up for skill share last night 😮

Abdullah Salah - The Passive Affiliate says:

Great video bro. Absolutely too many people think passive income comes without any work😅. I binge watch your content and it helps me so much in my affiliate marketing journey.

I track my progress so people see the real work that goes in to it 💪🏽

Ronan Cotter says:

Should I start my website now with the Corona virus I know it's seems like procrastinating but will there be much people ordering online at the minute.

Toki Tover - Fuel Your Dreams says:

"Less subjective talk and DO MORE." Just being sensible about the truth behind what it really takes to build an affiliate marketing business…

I learned that lesson last year!

Definitely takes sacrifice and time investment… But also connecting with people 🙂 Thanks for making it ok to take that chance on ourselves🔥

Passive Income Tom says:

Thanks for sharing this! 👍

Fiq Tag says:

If you come to my country, you will see so much houses. So many houses here but 93 percent people don't have own house. Superhard to build own house. Not cheap bro. Super true 99 percent failed in affiliate marketing. Not easy plus superhard….

16Gym says:

let say im promoting the niche of web hosting. I have a couple of reviews of different hosting providers.
Should I focus on putting ads on just one specific provider's review or should I diversify?
I am confused cuz my commissions depend on the sales I made, not the number of products that I promote.
but at the same time, more products being visible on the site makes the site looks more professional.

Priscila Monteiro says:

Hey Odi! I'm starting to have consistent sales!!! I knew it!! 😀 I can't wait to buy another course from you 😉

The Independent Mind says:

Yeah global lockdown makes it hard to order things

Arie Ortiz - Affiliate Jump Start says:

6:00 The truth no one wants to hear… 😂

Asangbam Kishan says:

Hey ODI, Really love all of your contents and I am really digging this business model of affiliate marketing. But I have a doubt as a beginner, so just looking for an answer. You have said in your previous videos that to start affiliate marketing you need a YouTube channel, website etc. I understand other tools but YouTube part confuses me. Unless we want to grow our own brand name, why would we need a YouTube channel just for aff marketing. Is it a must have?

Arie Ortiz - Affiliate Jump Start says:

I'd say hands down, it has to do with most people thinking short term and focusing too much on tactics rather than skills 💯💯

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