Why 99% FAIL with Affiliate Marketing…

Why 99% FAIL with Affiliate Marketing…

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In this video, I share my honest Clickfunnels review of their marketing software and the Clickfunnels affiliate program. Make sure to sign up for the free resources below!

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If you’re new to my channel, my name is Odi and I’m an Entrepreneur, Music Producer, and Passive Income Expert. I first started by doing Amazon Associates affiliate marketing then branching out to other affiliate networks and more profitable niches. Affiliate marketing is the best source of passive income IMHO and has allowed me to live in my dream home and own my dream garage. Make sure to check out my other videos for more!

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Crystal Grimes says:

Thanks for creating this video!

binay pahim45 says:

It was a valuable information but is afelliate marketing possible from any country?

Mason Rice says:

Thanks! Give us more advance stuff

Gigi's Sketches says:

Excellent video! I'm brand new to affiliate marketing, and in the "Where do I start" stage. This video was exactly what I needed to see! Thank you for sharing!

Colin Draper says:

Great attitude man

Kurt Bond says:

Awesome video

Oct Kid says:

keep up the good work brother i just started a month ago better here for the long run i believe that this is more then possible and cnt wait to get my first sale thanks ODi you the best brother

edward fajardo says:

Thank you man sorry bout the douchy question on one of your webinars i hadn't seen your chanel. All the best

Absolute says:

Hey it's me again I just tried to register for your free course and the register now button doesn't work. Is there another way for me to sign up for that course?

Absolute says:

I want to thank you for another very informative video. I agree 100% about having a broke mentality. I just have one question about high ticket items. You always mention click funnels specifically in all your videos. Are there any other high ticket items that you could recommend or is click funnels the only one that you have experience with?

The Cloud Tech Guy Joe says:

The one thing I learned while in the military is not to make excuses. Whats really sad is that I left corporate America because the quality people is so bad it sad. Being an employee is not an option.

Mary Stead says:

I am new to your program and love your message. Everything you have said resonates with me. I have listened to several people promoting A.M. and it all comes down to the same thing. Thank you for all the motivation and help.

naw숫노생 says:

My Mentor ODi I am learning from all of your video
From Myanmar

Pinkytrinky 99 says:

Watch this several times, take notes, commit, diarise action steps for today or tonight, and also for tomorrow, and next week, monthly, recurring. If you lose your way or your motivation, save this video and come back and watch it again! Golden advice. Excellent video! Thanks Odi

K-Fabe 87 says:

Words to live by at 8:30 of the video. You don't get paid based on how 'hard' you work. You get paid based on the value you create in the market.

Rasmus Orum Torup says:

Can you be too young to begin?because I would be ready to put in all my money and time. Not just when i am not busy but also when my friends ask me out 100% commited

MindDezign says:

Cars and guitars yeah man….that plus muscle and money , and single = Batman…

Albert Electron says:

Thank you for topics. You’re the best.

Francisco Arias says:

What skills you consider should be shaped in order to succeed in this business?

Edwin Kvas says:

Honestly, your attitude is unlike any other of 1000s marketing youtubers, I like that you got way more "brutal" honesty about stuff, and don't sugar coat important aspects to avoid conflict

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