UPDATE | How to make money from a Facebook group with affiliate marketing guide 2018

UPDATE | How to make money from a Facebook group with affiliate marketing guide 2018

In this video I give an update on my progress with affiliate marketing and upcoming plans.

A guide in lamens terms on how to utilise a Facebook group and successfully monetise it with affiliate marketing.

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Simon Dodsworth says:

nice vid dude šŸ˜‰

Shpj says:

Congratulations ! Iā€™m happy for you bro, you actually inspired me in this video and you gave me MAD knowledge. Keep up the progression and Godbless.

Josh Gibbons says:

Congrats Craig! This was really cool to watch and Im happy you've got your first commissions, keep it up šŸ™‚

Joksan Morales says:

Craig, good vid brother! I am glad you are taking action with the Affiliate Marketing and seeing some reward. Keep at it!

Betty Alcocer says:

Personalized!!! This hour 205 costless clixs with 5 sal-es https://goo.gl/dxhbXr

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