Traffic But No Sales? Here’s Why (Affiliate Marketing Guide)

Traffic But No Sales? Here’s Why (Affiliate Marketing Guide)

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Are you getting a ton of traffic but no sales? I’ll answer what might be causing it in this live stream.

In this live stream, I’ll answer the biggest question in affiliate marketing, give you some more affiliate marketing training and teach you to make money online using affiliate marketing tutorial.

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i Robo says:

Sir Please help me how to improve my blog last three days i got 620 click and 1250 real traffic from google search but no one buy anything please please help me.
my blog

Josef Aragon says:

Hey man I started my store about a week ago and I need some advice as to What I can do to improve it.

Samuel Gray says:

So sorry…. I deleted that comment. Guess I'll subscribe.


I just opened and got 100 views today and 1 sale….I don't understand 🙁

Kevin R. Serrano says:

I have 1000 product link clicks but 0 sales. Bummer.

God's Advocate says:

I have a t shirt campaign for three weeks!! Hundreds of likes but not 1 sale! I dont UNDERSTAND what's going on

Enam chowdhury says:

This is Absolutely the situation of newbie to the affiliate marketing. So Everybody will be benefited by the tutorial, I hope. Thanks for the uploading. Keep it Up.

Yash Gupta says:

hey.. sean
fo you think 7search PPC network is legit or fake.?
i got almost 200 cliks on my affiliate link but there is no sale.

qsanax says:

Traffic But No Sales? find program that generate commissions without selling. check my channel

Carlos x says:

Sean thank you for the vid

Rand Cooperstein says:

thanks for answering the question sean! I really appreciate it

Tech Hex says:

can you help me fir affiliate marketing
how i sell products

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