The WRONG Way to Do Affiliate Marketing on Clickbank (Please Don't)

The WRONG Way to Do Affiliate Marketing on Clickbank (Please Don't)

The way most people teach affiliate marketing is ALL WRONG. Learn the right way on today’s video.

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Hey everybody Anthony Morrison here and welcome to another Affiliate Marketing training.

I’m especially excited about today’s video because I’m going to address one of the biggest problems with the way people are teaching and doing affiliate marketing with Clickbank or other networks.

Look, there are a lot of videos out there that include great strategies for beginners.

They’re designed to lower the barrier of entry so you don’t feel like you need a website, upfront investment, or even an email list.

And that’s fine because sometimes we need to learn things step-by-step!

(I even have some videos on this channel like that)

But I’d be lying to you if I told you that you can build a long-term, sustainable business, building an empire like the gurus you see online – just by these methods.

No, to build a real business that could potentially replace your 9-5, you need to take your strategies up a notch, build real assets, and recognize that growing an online business takes patience.

But don’t worry, because while the road isn’t easy, it’s pretty simple to understand, and I can break it down for you in a matter of minutes.

So watch until the end of this video because I’m about to show you how to use Clickbank the right way, and how you can turn this into a full-time business.


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Anthony Morrison says:

Am I wrong by calling these methods wrong? lol. Let me know if this is how you learned affiliate marketing!

PS: Wanna learn the RIGHT way? Go here:

Richard Perovich says:

Your advise comes back to something you said before. Promote to prospects/ visitors what they are interested in, NOT what you're interested in. And the list is the business. Don't be dependent on facebook, or any other social media site. You control your future and business when you control your list. Thanks for the video!

Rosina Bignall says:

So true! Really important points about your list and your links. Thanks Anthony!

rita sharma says:

Yes I am already your partner and undergoing the training sessions. Will start earning soon. Thanks to Anthony Morrison

Abdul-wasi O. Digital Entrepreneur says:

The money is in the list…

the blue bird 786 says:

Such a nice, informative and useful video keep it up !!

Barbara Odegard says:

this idea of building a list from clickbanks offers sound great.

Amarnath Kamath says:

I completely agree with Anthony. I have subscribed to partner with Anthony program since the last one month. PWA program is a 30-day 30- sessions study module course in which Anthony teaches us about the different tools which are needed on a daily basis to be successful in affiliate marketing. This would be the best investment you can make it on yourself along with self commitment and self discipline.

Sahil Rana says:

Hy Morrison
Can you make video of clickfunnel how to grow email list

cecil ray Shelton says:

Great video. Am PWA student. All trainings videos in PWA take you from step a to step z in simple language for any who wants to be their own boss.

Kathy Glew says:

Follow Anthony he knows what works now!

David Hoblit says:

So True Boss Click the link

Stephen Sinnergy says:

This video ROCKS, Y'all …….

Hanafi Yacine says:

I really love u r videos I am already in pod business and that is the only thing that makes me not doing affiliate marketing I hope this program will remain when I'll be ready 😝

wow wow wow says:

another great vid Antony ,i'm on module 17 , learning slowly ,slowly had seven sales already ,it's a marthon ,not a sprint ,still lots to learn ..but it;s about securing the future ,buiding my list !

Gorden McMurry says:

Super good advice to build your own list while you build a profitable business for the long term.

Jim Chancellor says:

Thanks Anthony for tips on how to do this the right way!

1. Pick a niche with multiple products that you can promote — health, wealth or relationships.
2. Never link directly to Clickbank! Send them to an Opt-in page first so you can build your email list.
3 . Email your list regularly.

Oh, and nice guns at 7:40!

Agnelo Car says:

Am a PWA Student and great video Anthony

Wendy Ledsome says:

Yes!!! I would recommend Anthony to any beginner! He tells it how it is and there's so much more to his teaching style.than what is seen here!!! I'm a student of PWA> one of these days I will be making videos!!!

Phil Giles says:

There is a right way and a wrong way to do affiliate marketing. Do affiliate marketers on clickbank understand traffic and conversions? Are affiliate marketers treating it like a business or just looking to sell a product. Pick a niche with many products. You want to sell many products and create multiple income streams. If you are building lists in niches, you can sell products in that niche. Pick the top niches. Use an optin page so you can build your list. Your list is a business asset. Giveaway something, a great offer or product, to acquire an email. Email your list often, provide value, build a relationship with the customers and prospects on your list. Don't spam with links to your products or optin page. ABC's of affiliate marketing the right way.

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