The Fastest Way To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing (Duplicate This Campaign)

The Fastest Way To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing (Duplicate This Campaign)

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, and you want to know the fastest way to make money with affiliate marketing, by running a Paid Ads Campaign, then this video is the exact place to start with.

In this video, I will show you exactly a live case study I made by running Paid Ads on Quora and driving traffic to my blog article, and I get 100% ROI.

I will show you everything about the campaign, the ad, the budget,, the affiliate products, everything, so you can simply try to duplicate this ad campaign and start making money with affiliate marketing the fastest way.

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Affiliate Networks Used:
SendinBlue ๐Ÿ‘‰
GetResponse ๐Ÿ‘‰

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Thank you for your valuable comment. I wanna to know something and that is I am using your H-super…tool for youtube content. But in your SEO section it's not showing SEO difficulty score. When I expect to get it?

Zad Elhayah says:

What is suitable budget and time if I target USA?

HOME IDEAS 99 says:

Very useful thank you

Samuel Njoroge says:

simple and clear;for some minutes gets everything .Thank u

Info Booth says:

Im greatful to have discovered this Channel. Big up!

Vijayakumar Po says:

I have been trying to get traffic for warriorplus and ClickBank products in Quora where I have been sincerely answering questions numbering 8 to. 10 and putting my link along with the last answer. But no traffic seems to be coming . Please advise what to do. Also advise the method for reddit. I have lost lot of time experimenting on these two as advised by you in your tutorial. I want to establish myself in Affiliate marketing

Venkat Raman says:

Iam in the giveaway ๐Ÿ‘ need coupon for getting ur AWS ses course on creating email system

NxGn Tv says:

Hi Hasan… I have a question..
Can I just pick a product from clickbank and make a post about it on one of the topics( not space) relating to the product and then to paste my affiliate link I then find a keyword or make one in the post, edit it and hyperlink my affliate link….

Will this get me in trouble with quora??…
Can I do this method, with making any website at all??..

Jeffrey Jimenez says:

Hi Hasan, hope you will have a video tutorial about websites that has an affiliate program without any website or blog.

Jeffrey Jimenez says:

Hi Hasan, I really appreciate your videos and I learn a lot. Your the best!


Wow your explanation is good but
I like to say that why could you tell about website creation and lead generation through that website for ๐Ÿ‘


Wow your explanation is good but
I like to say that why could you tell about website creation and lead generation through that website for ๐Ÿ‘

Healthy lifestyle says:

love the look of your blog. Please what time are you using?

Manjula A says:

Sir please make a course on affiliate marketing


Sir,my phone number is verified but when I write sms then "submit" Option not coming. Please help

Aiden says:

hello. i love your videos. how do i contact you? i have a few questions

Pakistan Foodies says:

everyday i learn something new from you side brother
thanks a lot

Octawijaya says:

Hi Hasan, do you have any Affiliate Program recommendations for beginners other than Clickbank?

With an easy registration process like Clickbank Hasan.

Tarun Raheja says:

How to get approval in Sendinblue. As the ASSET option is not visible I have blog & also I mail to support in Sendinblue (is any Requirement for Affiliate program)

ChildofGod Praise says:

Another nice video. Can't wait for SAAS๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ

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