This is the complete affiliate marketing guide tutorial for beginners. This complete affiliate marketing guide will help even beginners start to make money. Affiliate marketing is a great place to start to generate cash flow online without a large investment. This particular video I show you a complete strategy from A to Z that does not require any money upfront. All you have to do is put in the hours and see results. This particular guide is great because it revolves around passive income. Passive affiliate marketing is great because you don’t actually have to be physically present to make money. You have content out there that is making you money all the time.

The first thing you need to do is find an affiliate offer to promote. In this video, I show you three different places to find affiliate offers to promote. Finding affiliate offers is very critical because if you don’t have any offers to promote you will not make any money. When you are picking an offer, you want to first make sure that the offer has a long page to read through. If there is not a long page to read through, you won’t have anything to make a review on. The next thing you should try and think about when picking an affiliate offer is to see if it is popular. If the product is popular then it will be searched a lot on youtube and google. That means you may have a better chance to make affiliate sales.

After you find an affiliate offer to promote, you want to make a review video. You want to make sure that you have a screen recorder to actually make the video. A good microphone will also help. The next thing you want to do is simply start the video recorder and then start the review. You want to read through the affiliate offer and just go through the highlights. Then you want to make sure that you mention clicking the link in the description to get instant access. That is really all you have to do. You want to make a bunch of these videos so they are making you money all day. Even while you are sleeping.

The last step is that you want to actually upload the video. What this means is you simply want to create a good thumbnail and then upload the video. You want to mention in your title the keyword of the product. In the description, you want to mention a few times the product. Then you want to write a few paragraphs of random filler. That is it.

I hope you truly enjoyed my video about the complete affiliate marketing guide for beginners. I put a decent amount of time into this video and hope you enjoyed it. If you want to help me out, leave a like on the video. It really helps me out!

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Is there a way you can promote an offer that you just pick the doctor make a review around and you just make an actual content the only problem I have been facing with this natural content is not getting any views

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cool video Love affiliate marketing been researching it a lot lately

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Good content. Keep growing! also, Let's Build each other up xo

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