Step by Step Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners

Step by Step Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners

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Step 1: Choose Your Niche
A niche is a specific market you want to go into. A niche is also a group of people who will be interested in the things you promote.
This niche will determine the topic of your website and the affiliate products you’re going to sell.
A good way to choose your niche is to think about your passion or hobby. You should already have some knowledge and experience in that area. Also, you have the passion to work on that area.
Don’t worry if you don’t think you’re an “expert” in your niche. Believe it or not, you can make money anyway.
The funny thing is that some experts don’t even know how to leverage their knowledge and make a fortune.
In affiliate marketing, your main focus is to learn the “marketing” aspect. As long as you know how to market your product to your target audience effectively, you can make money even if you’re not an expert in that area.
Step 2: Craft out a Plan
Just like doing anything else, you need to have a plan.
For affiliate marketing, the 2 major things you need to plan are your TIME and STRATEGY.
Most of us all started doing affiliate marketing part-time so you need to have a good time management between your “active income work” and your new business.
It’s best that you can spend at least 2 to 4 hours per day.
As for your strategy, my recommendation is content marketing, which means you’ll need to create content consistently. So, you need to plan how many posts you’re going to write per week, things like that. Once you get started, you’ll have a better understanding of what to prepare and what to plan.

Step 3: Build a Website or Landing Page
Next, this is a really exciting step because you’re going to have your own website set up which will be your ATM in time to come.
Building a website or a landing page is extremely easy today, thanks to the technology we have. That’s why you do not need to understand a single line of code to build a website.
In fact, there are many marketers online who don’t know anything about coding or programming (myself included).
Today, with the help of tools like SiteRubix, anyone can build a website within minutes, literally.

Step 4: Affiliate Products Research
This is the step where you want to find affiliate products that are not just profitable but relevant to your niche.
You can’t promote any product you like because that’s not going to work. Relevancy is the key to conversion!
The more relevant your offer is to your niche, the higher the chance people will buy from you.
This is the time when you would like to look at pages like Amazon Best Seller list. (This is NOT for shopping! It’s for research! LOL)

Step 5: Drive Targeted Traffic (Visitors)
After you’ve got your affiliate product in place, you need to drive traffic to your landing page or your product review page where you have your affiliate links.
There are a lot of way to generate traffic. I wouldn’t go deep here. But the two major ways are free traffic and paid traffic.
Basically, free traffic is the visitors who come to your website from Google search while paid traffic is visitors come to your website through your paid advertisements.
Step 6: Make Sales
The last step in the process is definitely to make money!
As long as you have an irresistible offer and a highly target traffic, they will convert and you’ll make money.
All in all, the process behind affiliate marketing can be broken down into 4 main stages:


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