Shopify vs. Affiliate Marketing: Fastest Way To First $1000 Per Month Online?

Shopify vs. Affiliate Marketing: Fastest Way To First $1000 Per Month Online?

Today’s video I compare Shopify Drop shipping vs. affiliate marketing… the differences… and which is the fastest way to get to your first $1000/m online.
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Personally, I am a big fan of both models, but Affiliate Marketing is definitely my first love. I’m going to be combining the best of both models for even better results.

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moh bel says:

Hi there, I think you need to get payed traffic in affiliate marketting to really start making money , scalling especially

Jason Stallworth says:

Dan, I recently started my own Shopify site for merchandise based on my music (and also have my digital albums available here as well). I've yet to start making massive sales but really digging into FB Ads Manager and testing different things. I mainly have shirts, mug, hoodies and a couple other items. The POD (print on demand) is pretty cool (extremely passive). Gonna keep pushing and really hope this takes off at some point! I


COMPLETE side note – I LOVE the way you say Pinterest. PIN ter RIST! haha

yolotech01 says:

Deadbeat Super Affiliate do you need business licenses to run a Shopify store? thank you

Tanmay Sirwaiya says:

Great video! What about paid ads for affiliate marketing like ppc, YouTube ads or AdWords?

Making Millions Together says:

Laying on the sofa with cash must be fun ?

GDPR for Wordpress says:

please stick to affiliate marketing bro .. forget drop shipping .. newbies are most likely to make money from affiliate marketing without going bankrupt
and the best part you're pushing your shopify affiliate link
not hating just proof of point

Steven Dragoo says:

Upwork Filipinos have always worked well for me.

Gautam Kalal says:

Great video.. most important digital marketing

Venkant Hans says:

Thumbnail looks really badass. Honestly I clicked this video because of your creative thumbnail. And content is really good. Keep it up man

Michael Julian says:

Why do you not think using paid traffic is effective for affiliate marketing? I'm a facebook ads pro in my day job and wondering if i could make it as an affiliate marketer. But if you're saying affiliate marketing only works with free traffic i'm starting to second guess my idea

Smash Sherlock says:

What do you think about getting paid traffic to your email list and SMS list, and then sell them through the list? Instead of building content and then wait for them to come? Thanks

Manoj CN says:

Make more videos on dropshipping

DAV URGE says:

He said $50

Mike McGuire Ministries says:

You can also purchase a ready-made store through Shopify Exchange. It is already built for you. Some are vey cheap. Others very expensive. I recently purchased one and I am just getting started with it.

Moe Ahsan says:

Hi Dan! Thanks for talking about Shopify. I was waiting from you about Shopify for long time. I have configured my Shopify store and started adding products now. There are lots of changes required for images even Oberlo is very helpful free App. Shopify have Blog option but I was not able to find any way to display multiple Blog posts for my Audiences. It can display only one post at a time. I can publish multiple blogs from backend but can display more than one. Do you have any solution for that?

John Vas says:

Great video. I've been looking into a Shopify store as well and many of the products are already on amazon for much cheaper. The Chinese manufacturers are catching on and opening their own FBA accounts as well as undercutting prices. Keep in mind, you may already know, the Chinese New Year starts next week I believe and runs til the end of the month. 3 weeks with no shipments to your buyers. Also, be darn sure your products aren't Patented. Shopify will shut you down and Paypal will freeze your account. I'm not tech savvy and looking to earn income while traveling. I'll binge your vids or should I just go straight to your free course?

Paullex INOS says:


Tom Owens says:

I know you’re early into Shopify, but with what you know, are there any niches you’d advise to absolutely avoid?

Chavez says:

Ookkkkkkkkkk something related to this video

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