Pinterest + Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for Beginners | 100% FREE Method (2021-22)

Pinterest + Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for Beginners | 100% FREE Method (2021-22)

Want to learn how to promote affiliate products on Pinterest?

Watch this video and follow along with me step-by-step as I show you exactly how you can make money online with Pinterest with any affiliate product/network, including ClickBank, MaxBounty, Above All Offers, and so on.

The best part about this is that this method is:

✔ 100% free
✔ Requires no prior experience
✔ Only takes a few minutes a day to see results
✔ Start completely from scratch
✔ Huge amounts of traffic

If you want to know how you too can use Pinterest to get loads of traffic and get outstanding results, don’t miss anything that I cover in this video.

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Mafra Sue says:

Hi from Brazil! Amazing video! Thanks! 😉

Carrie Elizabeth says:

You are the best!

Remjius Miyai says:

Very clear.


Hi Ivan very informative video and straight forward i have a question i am from the Philippines can i do this business even i am from Philippines and use click bank as well to start?.

al livy says:

so if you wanted 3 niches the way you do it is 3 pintrest accounts instead of 3 boards?

Gianni GSL says:

thank you! just one question. are you allowed to make multiple pins for the same link? I have read that you should avoid using the same URL for every pin.

Second UP says:



OMG! 💚 I'm so glad I found you! You're videos and explanations are so clear and easily understood. Finally – someone who knows how to really teach AFFILIATE MARKETING with Pinterest! Thank you so much 😊👍

tracy kotze says:

Thank you soo much sir. ❤️From South Africa 🇿🇦. You really know how to explain this. You help me a lot…your the best.

Raiden Gaming says:

Sir I would like to ask why the Ads button beside Analytics are not showing on my pinterest acc 4:52??

Donny Rickles Jr. says:

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1. Mix
2. Hope

Money Online Simple says:

More great training, Ivan! Thank you for all the great vids! 🙂

Assaf Blum says:

Great video. I did not quite understand what I should do every day. Do a new post with a different image to the same link?

Farther Sun says:

Nice sir, but is there any possibility that we can collect thier email address by putting option forms in the middle of this

Ayya Muz says:

Hi, great video! Do u create different landing pages for different affiliate links?

Karamjeet Singh says:

Hey Ivan, I'm very much interested in purchasing your clickbank affiliate course. I've analyzed my budget. After purchasing the course and investing into tools, I'd have $500 left with me. Is it possible to run ads with that much amount and scale and build upon it?

Phan Hảo says:

The keto diet can meke money 2021 bro?

Song Latest says:

Hi sir,

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rmary kirk says:

Great video!

Whattsap mę➕➊➐➌➋➐➎➒⓿➎➐➒ says:

What's the best way to make money from crypto trading?

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