Making Money With Affiliate Marketing – Why Affiliates FAIL

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing – Why Affiliates FAIL

Making money with affiliate marketing – why most affiliates fail. This is something that I want you to completely understand because the reasons people fail can easily be avoided.

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If you have any questions on why how to make money with affiliate marketing or why most affiliates fail, then please comment below. I will be more than happy to help you out.



Paul Duarte says:

19 sites with 3 or 4 ads in each (not with Adsense because they accused me of ad bombing)
Over a period of 2 years
1.5 million paid views on FB conversions 0
Paid Adwords 1 week 790 views, subscribers 287 to auto responder, conversions 0
Posts on FB 50 something Groups through auto poster daily viewers 0
5000 friends on FB viewers 0
Daily send outs on auto responder, purchases 2
Same with Twitter and Pintrest 0

East Coast Media says:

Hi Adam, How were you able to create a book about Justin Bieber without getting licensing rights to use his name / likeness? I was under the impression you needed to get permission and pay royalties to do that type of thing. You talked about creating a Justin Bieber book in one of your last videos.

javahn maistry says:

Your thumbnails are getting creepier by the day..

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