is Affiliate Marketing still worth it in 2020? Honest opinion…

is Affiliate Marketing still worth it in 2020? Honest opinion…

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…is Affiliate Marketing still worth it in 2020? Is affiliate marketing dead or oversaturated? Honestly, 2020 is different from previous years, and here is my educated opinion…

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If you’re new to my channel, my name is Odi and I’m an Entrepreneur, Music Producer, and Passive Income Expert. I first started by doing Amazon Associates affiliate marketing then branching out to other affiliate networks and more profitable niches. Affiliate marketing is the best source of passive income IMHO and has allowed me to live in my dream home and own my dream garage. Make sure to check out my other videos for more!

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Mike Valle says:

Aye thanks for the shoutout Odi 🙏🏽 I’m grateful I came across your YouTube channel back in 2017 and Grateful I joined your Passive Income Mentorship last year because that right there was the difference maker in helping me achieve some of my affiliate goals and building much more consistent passive income 🙌🏽 I still have more to come brotha I’m pushing it to continue to grow , thank you for everything Odi ! And keep dropping great content like this because you got me fired up with all this new competition coming!

Biruk Seifemichael says:

Thank You Odi for considering my comment. When I commented on your last video I was at school working on my website and I was feeling like I'm not going anywhere, but after I watched this video I become motivated. And this kind of honest opinion got me to think that I'm not actually doing the things that I'm supposed to do to be successful.

So Thank You

DZ Tube says:

Iam ur fan from algeria 😅🇩🇿💖

Fizzy Fran says:

Hi! So i am a 14 y.o kid and i just started my redbubble, teespring and wtfast affiliate but i don't know how to start! I started doing it bcs i want to save up for a big drum kit and other stuff, how do i start in 2020?

obass katule says:

Best tutorial bro, now I know I've got a big challenge and I need to put more efforts in studying this, thank u and can't wait for the next vid

Jacob Q.S says:

I read a book that is REEEALY good, which also ponpoits what you are talking about Odi.

The book is called "How to be a capitalist without any capital"

By Nathan Latka.

I hope this book helps some of you!

Ènam says:

Thank you so much! Once you do a website, how do you generate that traffic to your website? I'm not that great at social media but I'm open to creating a website and more.

obass katule says:

You know what ODi, I think u should give the class to those whom affiliate marketing will be hard for them, u need to give them the advanced training class, give them tips teach them I doesn't matter how hard it is but thats the way people could earn a lot from and achieve their future in affiliate marketing

jeff klayo says:

Love the honest advice, Thanks for sharing Odi!

enyecalnis says:

Odi Production I have always love your videos a d thought!!! How do I become your student?

Italo Robinson says:

Odi, so much inspiration/value as always. But also I was dying at some of your editing/jokes 😂 love the one you dropped about ego

ShedAtlanta says:

ODI. You are the truth. I have your step by step affiliate and I love the process. Its ALL thanks to you. I appreciate you…..really.

Kim - Envieux Photography says:

ODI, yes! You are definitely a thought leader! The personal growth piece is huge, gotta stay humble and keep learning. I find myself getting stuck sometimes on my journey through digital marketing and have to remind myself , I'm, still learning, keep going. there is ALOT of competition out there. I'm currently building my website and FB page. I tend to have an "all needs to be perfect mentality" in order to move forward. I want to make sure my content is rich and relate-able. So, also reminding myself that my site doesn't have to be a 10 right out the gate, I can always edit and update after publishing. Especially if I don't have any traffic yet! lol Thanks for your continued raw and honest knowledge of the industry aka the game! I definitely look to your channel to fuel my initiative! 🙂

Study music Notaclassique says:

thank you for all your advices Odi , when i started a year ago i was allways looking for shorcut that leave me frustated and with no result and a lot of time alone behind my screen , i never sptop learning , improving my skills set , triying new things and testing and today i am starting to get some results ! Affiliate Marketing is definitely not a get rich quick solution ! but a real passion for creative mind always looking for big results

Mousy Leigh says:

Great content. Thank you.

Matt Loberstein says:

The affiliate king! I see it as hard to start as a specific business in itself, but incredible to plug in to audiences, which is the hard/long way. There will always be big money to be made there. Hope you’ve been well man!

Jovan Lewis says:

Great video! So important to just get started. Hoping my website grows to a asset one day!

ed med says:

Working on content for my site while watching your video. Thanks for the upload Odi

Donger op says:

Yo i have a website and im basically reviewing pc parts and peripherals. Any good SEO tips?

Julia Glanzmann says:

Hey odi, I really love your videos theyre so inspiring and honest. I see a lot people talking about enterpreneurship and affiliate marketing, but nobody is so transpirant and honest like you. You are the biggest inspiration for me and I would love to see more of your videos in 2020, just because youre the most vailable person in affiliate marketing and I love real honest and transpirant peoples, and I think, that a lot of people can agree with that. Thx for that video

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