Intro to Affiliate Marketing

Intro to Affiliate Marketing

Craig Campbell is back and will be doing an ongoing series on affiliate marketing. The first episode featured Chris Palmer; we introduced affiliate marketing and how to get started with it.
If you do SEO, you can do affiliate marketing, similar methods apply. Watch the replay for an introduction to affiliate marketing and learn more about how you can earn money from the affiliate options that are out there.

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00:00 Introduction to Topic and Guest Chris Palmer
02:49 The Increased Popularity of Affiliate Marketing
03:50 When Chris First Thought About Affiliate Marketing
04:33 Niche-Specific vs General Affiliate Sites
05:40 Amazon vs Other Affiliate Programs
06:26 A Case Study on How Affiliate Marketing Works
16:20 Working on Multiple Sites vs One Site
17:50 Simplifying the Affiliate Model
20:12 Key Criteria When Researching Niches
23:20 How to Scale an Affiliate Site
27:20 Starting Out with Zero Affiliate Marketing Experience
29:30 Coupon Websites vs Blogs
31:05 Online Resources for Buying Sites
33:12 Cookies in Affiliate Marketing
35:35 Starting an Affiliate Program for Your Own Product
36:26 eBay vs Amazon
39:55 Strategies for Difficult Niches (e.g. Insurance)
41:35 Affiliate Personas vs Building Brands
43:53 Affiliate Networks vs Direct Merchant Relationships
48:53 Hiring People You Trust
50:43 Best Tools and Methods for Affiliate Research
56:28 White Hat SEO and Affiliate Marketing
58:03 Quickfire Q&A (Email Lists, Physical vs Digital, Etc)



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