Instagram Affiliate Marketing (Week 5 Update)

Instagram Affiliate Marketing  (Week 5 Update)


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I’m introducing my Instagram marketing strategy this week to support my fashion affiliate marketing project. I want to get free traffic from social media rather than pay for traffic on sites like Facebook.

From what I’ve learnt this week, there’s two key elements essential for growing a large Instagram account:
1) Engaging Content
2) Following + Liking the right people

I will be keeping this in mind moving forward. Make sure to check in with my social media marketing progress in the following weeks!

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Start Starting Up - Greg Preece says:

Do you have experience with Instagram marketing? What advice do you have?

Lil Bleach says:

Facebook ads are a waste of money

Roofies Dont Hurt says:

This video lacks way to much info. I don't think you know what you are doing.

Richard Michael says:

I have to watch all your videos on 1.5 speed as the whole tempo of your videos is very slow (IMO)

Connor Sol says:

Where are you getting all the content for the new website you build

GHCMargarita says:

Hey Greg I wrote down a paragraph but It took me a lot of time to write it and and I recommend that you read it as these are million dollar tip that WILL make the difference. Please tell me what you think after you read it.

I get the Impression that you think affiliate marketing is easier than dropshipping, which it isn't. to be successful with dropshipping you just got to open up a shop which takes me a day then you got to find a winning product and scale. To be successful with affiliate Marketing takes way longer especially for you as you want to base it of free traffic. First and foremost there is NO such thing as free traffic. There is Organic Traffic which takes a LOT of work and time to kick in so it's actually pretty expensive. so even If you got 100.000 followers in a year on Instagram and a decent following on Twitter making a living of it will be hard in your nieche as you are in the fashion nieche. Now I don't know that but I guess your commissions will be 25% In the highest cases and the products probably won't be that expensive (around $100 if high). The relativity of you making medium to high 4 figures a month,which you need to make a living of it, is so low (especially because you only use organic traffic). The longer you do it the higher the possibility of it working but a lot of people give up when they don't see results fast. And getting paid like 10k a month will take years IF AT ALL. The reason being is that your struggle is to get as much affiliate commissions as possible as your commissions are so low. Another downside is that you probably only get the commission on the front end they will upsell the customer for years and make thousands of dollars down the road….. the real money is on the backend. So I wouldn't do it as it it SO much work to run a blog post consistently content every day and make SEO adjustments key word backlinks etc. and the reward isn't that good it can be good but It takes very long. But now to some tips I have for you doing this. First i want you to know WordPress is SEO friendlier and google preferres it over sites like shopify or wix but I understand why you do it on shopify: waaaay easier to make the site look good WordPress is a lot of work if you don't know it but I wanted you to know if that's something you consider. Second the real money in affiliate marketing is in the email list. THIS IS NOT A TIP YOU HAVE TO DO THIS. you can't just give your customers to the affiliates without doing everything to get their email. If you got an email list with 100.000 people interested in your topic you can make a good living off that. So I recommend you subscribe to leadpages (which is more than half the price of clickfunnels and perfect for email capture pages, don't use any of the other ones they just aren't as good) and every time somebody clicks on your affiliate link he gets directed to a landing page where you offer them a freebie for their email but It can't be something that is good and attractive….. it gotta be so good that the customer is forced to leave his email. You should aim for 70% conversion rate but leave them with a very visible possibility to see and go to the affiliate product on same page without leaving the email, otherwise it could confuse the customer and kill the conversion rate. then after leaving the email he will be directed to the affiliate product. This landing page tip could make the difference hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on the backend depending on how consistent you are and a landing page like that on leadpages literally only takes 5 minutes. like I said this is not a tip If you go without doing this this you will realize later how important this is as you get more familiar with affiliate marketing but then you will already missed out on so much money (synonimus for emails). The rest comes down to email marketing and followup sequences. There is a lot of information on that online. I also recommend you use aweber as a email list as it has the best anti spam filter methods and is very cheap (20$ for 500 subscribers) I recommend you become an affiliate with them and do a blog article about email list because You get 30% in the backend every month so If you do it for years multiple people are successful with email lists (their monthly payment goes up) you get paid every month for doing nothing. I know marketers who make thousands of dollars with only aweber. Think of this as a long term Investement otherwise you won't make it. this can work out but don't compare it to shopify and don't be frustrated if you don't make enough money right away this takes years of hard work and post consistently and good content. It used to be post as much as possible but now Google wants long and good content. Register on Google webmasters so that Google can find your website. So I think this information is worth a lot and I wish you luck with your blog and hope that you stay consistent

Royston Gold says:

Nice Video Greg.Thank you.

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