Instagram Affiliate Marketing 2020: Get Your First Sale (tutorial)

Instagram Affiliate Marketing 2020: Get Your First Sale (tutorial)


Here’s a step-by-step Instagram affiliate marketing tutorial on how to get your first sale in 2020 using Instagram affiliate links. It breaks the whole process down so that even a beginner can follow the method.

This is the process to making a sale with Instagram affiliate links:
1) Choose a niche to focus on
2) Build a targetted following
3) Place your affiliate link in your Instagram bio

Instagram affiliate marketing could be a great source of passive income for you if you can make it work. With the automated methods in this tutorial, you can try it without investing too much time and see if it works for you.


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Start Starting Up says:

Do you agree or disagree that Instagram is a great place to do affiliate marketing?

Longan Liu says:

The best way to gain more followers and sales is using this tool , trust me, Lze říci, že je to nejlepší software pro marketing

Smell Money says:

Hey mate, I am presently looking at Instagram to expand my affiliate marketing strategies. Great stuff and thanks for recommending those handy Instagram growth tools. Would you make a video on how to promote the Wix affiliate website builder tool? Heard they pay out $100 for every sale. Cheers!

Mehfooz Ansari says:

InstaAffiliate- FIRSTSALE- Lifetime Deal.

Gadgets Boom says:

How come Instagram won’t take my ClickBank link?

Mehrin Khan says:

can you show in detail how to pick amazon product post it and how topaste link of that product in bio?

How to add pictures from Google without watermarks says:

Wow thanks for sharing this awesome video. I am new to social media marketing and your video is amazing

pet net spot says:

Hey.. Great Content. Very inspiring and very nice and clear information. I believe that this way it´s very reliable to get the first followers, because when starting out, there is nothing, no followers, no one liking our pages, and the we can post and post and post stuff for nothing if we haven´t got people interested in our page or content. So as i mention before, yes! it´s a good way to start out for those who are starting to be interested in promote things on they're own pages! But it might taking a certain time for things start happening! Continue making videos like this one. Very Good Quality and Interesting Content explained in a very clearly way that not many You Tube Entrepreneurs are able and have the ability to do 🙂 Bomb Value Tips here! 🙂

Prashant Singh says:

What a lovely video, I love your content

Selfimprovementfrom within says:

Valuable content 😃

A mira says:

Please do the shopify vid

Brent Boese says:

So would I need a blog or website also

Monica Shilay says:

your video is a game changer for me. set it up tonight I hope i all works!

Positive Education Tv says:

Do a YouTube affiliate marketing post.

Best Products says:

Can we promote links direct on instagram without website

Brad T says:

FYI Your Tailwind app link is not working also I use tailwind and I just got my account back from being suspended for my coffee company so be advised Instagram will come down on you. No we werent doing anything nefarious just using it as a post scheduler.

Dwight Perry says:

Totally man love to see a Shopify video 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

Nicht Interessant says:

Your strategy of gaining followers works, but the only followers you get are bots.
Like seriously, look at your IG comments. There is no real person. You also have a engagement rate of 2,94%, that's a really poor result. Try to grow your IG fanbase slowly. It take up to a year to create a big enough community to use it for e-commerce/affiliate-marketing.

Drink Eat Sleep Repeat says:

Would love to see a Shopify AffilIate marketing vid!

mohamed mohideen says:

You have many streams of income. It confuse me which method to follow. Please tell a easy and cost effective method to kick-start

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