How to START Affiliate Marketing for Beginners!

How to START Affiliate Marketing for Beginners!

Learn how to start affiliate marketing and build sustainable passive income the SMART way, step by step in this complete guide to affiliate marketing for BEGINNERS!

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— How to Start Affiliate Marketing Step by Step (for Beginners!) —

Learning how to make passive income with affiliate marketing has had a HUGE impact for us at Primal Video, and affiliate income has now become one of our primary revenue streams – generating tens of thousands of dollars per month… all on autopilot.

It’s by no means a way to strike it big overnight or ‘get rich quick’, but it IS the ultimate solution to build sustainable passive income the SMART way, and it works in almost any niche!

In this video we run through a complete Affiliate Marketing tutorial for beginners, including a ton of tips and tricks we learned along the way so you can learn how to do Affiliate marketing in your OWN business, fast.

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Call Me Quiet ASMR says:

any other recommendations for redirect services? (particularly if I don't have a website/wordpress)

Durrelle Francis says:

wow. Im pretty blown away at how this whole affiliate marketing thing works? I think imma do this seems much easier than programming or whatever else ive tried. i just found this site @t, do you know if its legit?

Mint Tree says:

Amazing video! Your way of speaking is really simple, which helps in understanding concepts really well! Thanks! Also, hope you get a million subscribers soon!

The Cyclist says:

Another great video. Once again, thanks. Great content

Manuel Rodriguez says:

When should you start affiliate marketing on YouTube? I don't think you can get approved in any affiliate programs if you have no subscribers

Paper Zen - Cecelia Louie says:

Thank you for making consistently great and concise tutorials PV! If you use Kajabi which includes lead pages and email capabilities, then why would one need Active Campaign or ConvertKit?

احمد ابراهيم says:

Can you give us another channel in different languages ​​such as Arabic?

Bella Mai says:

Hi Justin thanks for the information. What if you have a wix website how would I use a redirect link. Only a few weeks ago I did a video for a Karcher product and have contacted them as it’s getting quite a few likes. I couldn’t find a decent review so decided to make one and was surprised at the response. Thanks again

Mandy does life says:

You guys have been the most helpful channel!!!

Dennis Brown says:

This is the best video about affiliate marketing for beginners I have ever seen! You are a great teacher!

Maricar Litohon says:

I like this video. I hope i can do it. Just a newbie. I hope you can help me..

Danny Gordon says:

Justin, you consistently provide the BEST actionable information hands down. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your wealth of tips!

Alice Courtney says:

I have a question Justin. How do kids YouTube channels make money then? There’s limited potential for affiliate marketing or merchandise or sponsorship/selling because the child watching isn’t the one with the money to spend? Unless it’s a super popular channel and can sell merchandise, how do they monetise their channel? Just YouTube partner program?

Umut Kanyilmaz says:

Hi,do you think it’s legal to promote/ad that companies product on fb with there link inder the ad ?

Amanda Brunson says:

I learned a lot with this video! I have a question though.. What is the best strategy when I want to advertise and sell products other small businesses make? Example: A friend makes embroidered hats. I want to sell her hats with my logo. She isn't big or have an affiliate program. Another friend hand paints custom tools I like and would would like to advertise and sell. How does something like that work?

Marketer Review says:

Thank for your information. I learn many useful value on this video. Thank so much!

Millionaire mum says:

Fantastic video that really gives the facts about affiliate marketing! Thank you so much 🙂

Silvia Zeroual says:

Great video as always. Not too long and learned a lot. Thank you!

PourQwapa says:

This was a great round up man! I’ve always said software was the key!!! i now make at least $100 a day with this one

Vancouver Diaries says:

you bored me, bro.

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