How to Make $3,000/Month on Autopilot – Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing

How to Make $3,000/Month on Autopilot – Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing

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In this video, I share my experience as a Clickfunnels affiliate marketer making $3,000 per month in monthly RECURRING revenue. This is now a completely passive income source that took me less than 30 days to create.

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If you’re new to my channel, my name is Odi and I’m an Entrepreneur, Music Producer, and Passive Income Expert. I first started by doing Amazon Associates affiliate marketing then branching out to other affiliate networks and more profitable niches. Affiliate marketing is the best source of passive income IMHO and has allowed me to live in my dream home and own my dream garage. Make sure to check out my other videos for more!

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Michael Sklyarenko says:

If you make a 10 hr video packed with value, I will watch it I swear.

freedommmc says:

I just came here to make sure I used your affiliate link when I signed up for clickfunnels thanks for all of your videos.

Donnan Morris says:

I need you as my mentor

World No 1 Channel says:

hi ODi can we talk dear ???

ثقف نفسك says:

How can i start and what's the platform can i use.

Travis Jones says:

Love your channel man! I don't wanna go this route but I'm curious, with all the ways you can automate the system so you barely ever have to mess with anything, would it be possible for someone in your shoes who has a high operating system to build an automated system/website and all everything for someone else instead of teaching the skills to do it? Hope that makes sense lol again, just something ive been wondering, not something I want to do


Sign me up!! Adding this to my arsenal/portfolio. Thank you again!! 👍💯

Sanjay Shinde says:

Thanks Odi.

Isaiah Rodriguez says:

I just have one question for you ODI, I don't have a computer or anything to make videos really which is something I would like to do to promote stuff. but I do have money to spend. should I buy your class or get the computer and camera and stuff first. I have the money I just need the right guides guidance.

RC-The Indian Rail World says:

Make video on your lambo

Millionaire Mindset says:

Yes, I want it!

Keep doing great job and thanks for ur free knowledge 😍😍

Major League Tech says:

affiliate evolution vs passive income lifestyle??

Christopher Rey says:

Congratulations to your success you are bless. I just subscribe im a new viewer ive been checking out affiliate marketing past week on videos and what it is. The way you explain things are way better. I wanna know every thing you know lol. But in all seriousness i really wanna learn the material to be successful.

Thomas H says:

Thanks. Great video – I'll be looking at getting back into AM soon – will check out your programs.

S2 VLOGGS says:

Is it work outside USA…….can I implement this idea in India

Alexander Rios says:

Is you’re affiliate marketing champ course still available? I’m a 20 year old highschool dropout (due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances) I’m ready to start my business and I work in construction. The work is hard and long workdays. Iv been following you for about a war now and have been ready to start my business for a long time now. I still can’t afford you’re newest course (sadly). Because of my car, phone, and medical bills. But if I can’t afford the newest course. I need to get whatever I can! I trust you to be my mentor, and want you to be my mentor. If it’s at all possible for you to help me get started. Then please help me. I’m willing to pay, but only have a budget of 600. At least for now. I’m willing to pay you in a payment or something. Whatever it takes.

Ayoub Zekhnini says:

Hi odi how much you need to start affiliate marketing??

Aldrin Santiago Official says:

Thank you Odi you inspire alot of people.i want to learn can you teach me how thank in advance

Boots-2-Business says:

I'm just getting started in all this, I see lots of youtubers that make lots of money in affiliate marketing but no one specifies the platform to post all these affiliated links to?
What platforms are the easiest to operate that give the best return on your time investment?
I love your videos and all the awesome information you give on so many avenues of revenue.

George Kmeid says:

Hello ODI, I very much enjoyed your Video , many thanks, It would be great if you could kindly become my mentor for the Clickfunnel Affiliate Marketing please contact me at your earliest convenience. Many thanks again

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