How To Make $2,500/Week Passive Income With Free Traffic & Affiliate Marketing (2022)

How To Make $2,500/Week Passive Income With Free Traffic & Affiliate Marketing (2022)

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00:00 Affiliate Marketing Intro
00:52 The Affiliate Marketplace
01:14 Register
01:26 Grab Your Affiliate Link
02:11 Your Affiliate Code Looks Like This
02:39 New Website To Create PDF Documents
03:23 Copy This Link
04:23 Edit the PDF Document
06:22 Do Your Part
06:45 Free Traffic Source
09:28 Do This Next


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Already tried that.Not effective way to share with your slides. People will see your presentation 100% but they won't have access to click on the links that you made.

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Great videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with so many of us who need it.


Great video 👍
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danny p says:

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