How to Make $1,000+ Per DAY with Affiliate Marketing!

How to Make $1,000+ Per DAY with Affiliate Marketing!

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In this video, I share how I make over $1,000 profit per day with Affiliate Marketing in 2017. I include 3 actionable tips for how you can take your affiliate marketing to the next level as a beginner.

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If you’re new to my channel, my name is Odi and I’m a 24 y/o Entrepreneur and Affiliate Marketing Expert. I first started by doing Amazon Associates affiliate marketing then branching out to other affiliate networks and more profitable niches. Affiliate marketing is the best source of passive income IMHO and has allowed me to live in my dream home and drive my dream car, a Porsche 911 Turbo. Make sure to check out my other videos for more!

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ODi Productions says:

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jw200 says:

If you started affiliate marketing years ago then it seems easy but for beginners it's very hard. Tons of videos, scams, fake training programs where people ask for hundreds of dollars. Then comes next guy and says that all this training info is available for free online.
There is a online training on yt where guy asks almost $1000 and whole his stuff is free online, including videos. And it doesn't work.
They just make money selling fake trainings

HubZap says:

4 figures a day is AWESOME! Great vid.

Uday pomshetty says:

can i publish one of my affiliate link in your comment box

Vineet says:

Everybody is trying to be wolf of wall street but end up selling pen on streets

March Abecia says:

Damn. You really didn't sugar coat anything like all the other youtubers did. Thank you. Seriously. Wake up call.


I saw this video on a ad of another YouTuber i watch had to find this😭😭😭 this how i wanna be happy and getting moneyy


Come to the point very tired to listen

Benjamin Russ says:

Has anyone really had any luck with this

Mahama Farouk says:

Can I do this even from Ghana.

Shawn Taylor says:

Thanks for the education and inspiration odi- I'm in the process of getting my affiliate marketing business up now.


ODi, thanks for all of your great content.
I need a sponsor so I can sign up for your mentoring programs

Kim Smith says:

So much in the internet marketing arena has changedd since I started years ago.

Kim Smith says:

Internet marketing has allowed me to be able to stay home.

Crystalshard says:

That's funny because I am a broke twelve year old xd

Digital Freedom Movement says:

Amazing tips thank you. Love your energy

Eva Mendoza says:

yes your correct i need someone or mentor to guide me to teach me but now just watch and listen all your videos!

Burhan Bozkurt says:

Did anybody happen to be successful after following Odis teachings?

Money Makers says:

You’ve got me into Affiliate Marketing! Thanks

Best New Movies Trailer says:

sub me i sub you and be honestly dont unsub after me

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