How To Create an Affiliate Marketing Website | Step-by-Step Tutorial 2020

How To Create an Affiliate Marketing Website | Step-by-Step Tutorial 2020

Want to create an affiliate marketing site and make money online? Check out my Step-By-Step Affiliate Marketing Website Tutorial 2020!

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0:00 – Intro: What is Affiliate Marketing?
0:48 – Overview
2:54 – Step 1: Get a Domain Name and Web Hosting
8:58 – Step 2: install WordPress
12:46 – Step 3: Secure Your Website
14:08 – Step 4: Activate a New Theme
15:55 – Step 5: Activate Plugins
19:51 – Step 6: Select a Starter Template
22:08 – Step 7: Customize Your Website
53:30 – Step 8: Setup Affiliate Products
1:14:41 – Step 9: Create Blog Posts
1:30:06 – Step 10: Create a Blog Page
1:37:01 – Step 11: Create a Menu
1:40:32 – Step 12: Edit the Footer
1:41:58 – Step 13: Configure Pretty Links
1:43:59 – Step 14: Publish Your Website
1:45:13 – Outro

How to Create a Website in 10 Minutes:

How to Create a Free Logo in 5 Minutes:

How to Backup Your Website:

How to Get a Professional Email with Gmail:

How to Secure Your Website From Hackers:


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Ruth Dunn says:

0:11 Yeah i managed to make money with DollarTod.c om

$600 in a day is reachable

Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους

Jovan Antoni says:

What happens if the product has a shipping fee? Do we include it in the price or do we just put down the price without shipping?

Eyere Dominique says:

Thanks Dale ❤️👌👍
Please consider making a video tutorial on how to build a shipping website like FedEx.❤️

Margret Kiburi says:

Following keenly and I love the step by step clear tutorial.I am not getting the free images from pixabay mine gives me Envato Elements instead.Did I miss a step?

Nelo Edeh says:

Dale, thank so much for your help and I recently became quite proficient in using wix to design websites. I'm kind of confused, should I learn WordPress also? Or wix is enough, because I heard wix has surpassed WordPress in number of websites.

asif shaikh says:

Hey bro can I make multiple Amazon affiliate website for different countries with the help of this tutorial. For sure I have to purchase domain and hosting separately.

But can I make this affiliate websites for different countries.
Countries where Amazon does its business?

FLATsite Official Channel says:

Great concept. Easy to follow steps

Rav Singh says:

Such a helpful tutorial. Definitely going to share with others. Thank you for providing this information

Shafaet Ahmed says:

Thanks mate it's really helpful.

Lim Lye Huat says:

hi your video is awesome.

Laxminarayan Behera says:

Bro if I use your homepage theme in astra. Will my blog approve for Google Adsense? sorry for broken English. Plz rply

karibian6600 says:

the 1 million dollars question is: what makes people leave ebay and amazon and shop on your small store ? maybe you have a unique type of product that is not listed on amazon or ebay; again what is that magical miraculous item that doesn't exist on amazon nor ebay and it only exists in your store? the answer is there is no product in the world that is not listed on amazon or ebay you can sell or compete these 2 monsters on your own small store.

Tracker says:

£ is not Euro (€), that's a Pound sir.

Global Entertainers says:

Dale please make Blog using Elementor and maybe try to clone purewow or refinery29. This comment was written without any skipped Ads.

Sandra Milfort says:

God bless 🙏 you Dale. Most valuable and accessible!

YouTube Siren says:

Hey, i'm building an multichannel+ multivendor website and want to show the sales order to the multiple vendor and i don't know how to do that. Please help me

bruno agostinho says:

Bro next time start by showing the website you're building, don't leave it at the end….

Artist World says:

Bro Please answer my question.

1. The money to be invested on this website will be only on domain and hosting.
2.. Or on an SEO.

Other than that please mention bro.

Can we make multiple website? with this same tutorial so the money to be invested only in domain and hosting?
or SEO?

The most important question how to get traffic on these websites?

Thank you very much for these tutorials.

Stay blessed always.

1gk wc6 says:

Where do i find the "follow along images" in the description?

David Bernard says:

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