How Does ClickBank Work? Beginner ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Guide

How Does ClickBank Work? Beginner ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Guide

In this video I show you how does ClickBank work. And, if you are an affiliate marketer you must have heard of ClickBank. Pay close attention, as I show 1. What ClickBank is? 2. How does ClickBank work? 3. And How you can start making money with ClickBank.

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0:00 – Intro
0:34 – What is ClickBank?
1:24 – How does ClickBank work?
2:23 – Detailed example
3:58 – What’s inside ClickBank
4:06 – Sign Up To ClickBank
4:32 – Create an affiliate account
5:07 – Your affiliate dashboard
5:23 – Your personal & payment information
6:45 – Marketplace of ClickBank
8:15 – Affiliate product selection
13:27 – Make money with ClickBank
17:14 – My number 1 recommendation


Even though ClickBank is free to join and promote as an affiliate, you need to make sure the system you get paid is set up first.

If your country is not among the country that ClickBank pays, then create a payoneer account and link it to your ClickBank Account.

Then choose the right product in the niche you are in (hint: choose the evergreen niches like health, wealth or relationship)

Sort by gravity and have a look what you are most comfortable with

And start promoting your affiliate link

Now, don’t spam, don’t pressure people, but do it the right way.

You can check my number 1 recommendation below if you want to know how to succeed as an affiliate

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