Here's How to Start Affiliate Marketing for FREE!

Here's How to Start Affiliate Marketing for FREE!

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In this video, I share the BEST way on how to get started with Affiliate Marketing for FREE! I share a simple 5-step strategy that anyone can take action on TODAY without a website or any money required.

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If you’re new to my channel, my name is Odi and I’m a 24 y/o Entrepreneur and Affiliate Marketing Expert. I first started by doing Amazon Associates affiliate marketing then branching out to other affiliate networks and more profitable niches. Affiliate marketing is the best source of passive income IMHO and has allowed me to live in my dream home and drive my dream car, a Porsche 911 Turbo. Make sure to check out my other videos for more!


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ODi Productions says:

UPDATE! Just launched my first FREE Affiliate Marketing 101 course. Sign up instantly here:
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Ocuman Peggy says:

I watched your latest video last night about needing to have some money (atleast 70usd) to successfully start up Affiliate Marketing -at least for a website – that video is very helpful but for someone like me who dont have the budget "yet" this is a breath of fresh air. Like what they say "if there's a will there's a way. Cheers!

Ocuman Peggy says:

Hi Odi, your video is really inspiring. For few years ago I wanted to start a youtube channel for the wrong reason (fun and just to be know , [somehow] ) and some good reason – inform viewers on stuff around us. Your video makes me realize that , yeah , why not use this platform to still reach out to people , share "knowledge" and earn money at the same time. Thanks again for the wisdom! More power!

Clickbank Ranking University says:

Great, thank you for this informative video.

Mason Rice says:

You ain't forgotten where you started.

john newman says:

I marked like for that puppy

Andrew Mbuya says:

Hi price please

Ashik Mahmud says:


Ona Nickelson says:

I 've already have a website, do I need a create a new website just for affiliate marketing?

Donald Draffin says:

You actually nailed it for me. I get it. Free is Free. Money talks and BS walks……..

raydom78 says:

Great ideas!!

Annie Adimulam says:

Niche is pronounced 'nish' not 'nitch'

Elia sna says:

Thanks Odi. This is great video, I feel i need to try it now.

FilipinaGirl California says:

Any Youtubers wanna grow together? <3

Joe Doe says:

Why not Facebook or Instagram?

Kent Millamena says:

do you need to register as LTD company for affiliate marketing or is that only for Amazon FBA ?

Ralph Vincent Ayon says:

Odi, I just wanted to ask,
I created my blog but it's just a free URL from wordpress,
I don't have money to buy domain at the moment,
then I have created a facebook page to promote the blog I created.
I have excellent knowledge in Social Media Marketing to get Organic Traffic.
you think this Idea of mine will work out?

I wanted to follow your steps, but I don't have money at the moment.
also I want to create youtube channel but followers need proof. 🙂

Moore Marketing says:

awesome vid!


ODi is a genius!! Always appreciate everything you share. 💯🙌

Ana Kidsulan says:

Sir I'm very interested to learn affiliate marketing.please test me.sir

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