Facebook Ads for Affiliate Marketing 2018 – Step by Step Facebook Ads Beginners Guide!

Facebook Ads for Affiliate Marketing 2018 – Step by Step Facebook Ads Beginners Guide!

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Detailed Video Description:

This video is showing you the step by step process on how to create a Facebook ad for affiliate marketing. This process will teach you who to target and what type of ad copy to actually write that will convert into massive dollars into your bank account in the future! Follow this step by step guide on how to create Facebook ads for affiliate marketing and your affiliate marketing business will skyrocket!

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Rahul Sahu says:

I Eric Ellis am committed to becoming a Multimillionaire

Brown soxs says:

YEAH i know tai lopez hes annoying

Gary Higgins says:

Great video Eric i have subscribed to your channel!

idriss poupard says:

i love the intro !keep hustling

River Websolutions says:

Awesome! We will follow you from now on! 🙂

Michael Davis says:

This is a follow-up to my 1st qstn below: I've tried to locate ebooks or bonuses to give for free in return for prospect email subscriptions. I cannot find much that I can slap my name on, even, from Clickbank. Any insight as to where to steer me?

Michael Davis says:

I like your channel, very informative. I've liked, saved, bookmarked, subscribed, and added your vids to my marketing playlist. I have a question: Why would Facebook shut down our account if the whole point of creating campaigns is to sell products and services? I ask because you mentioned that within the funnel, if we are not giving a freebee to collect emails, they'll shut us down if we simply direct sell. Can you expound on that? I think thousands of sellers are using campaign ads to simply sell products and services.

Anthony Brown says:

What can I️ do to see your exact targeting for affiliate marketing such as MCA and other Work From Home Opportunities? Or does this video have the exact targeting you used for offers such as MCA etc..

Tuấn Trọng Đào says:

Hey, I would like to ask when I make affiliate on gearbest, what is the best targeting? Engagement, lead generation, conversions, or traffic? Gearbest is selling tech stuffs, like mobiles phones or accesories for them etc. and also, can I make that ad will show only for people who liked GearBest facebook page?

Cali TheWorldTraveler says:

hey this carlton could i work with you im a college student that majoring in accounting and work for the irs you can add me on snap youngcali56

Aric C. Green says:

new and may be a dumb question but if your affiliate link is from amazon or eBay can you put that directly into the website url?

jay says:

what is the best facebook targeting to use for affiliate marketing… engagement, lead generation, conversions, or traffic?

bookbearerplus says:

Great walkthrough, thanks!

Locochito says:

Good video. Hey, where do you get your landing pages, newsletter content to follow up on the specific product and free report hook? Please advise thanks…

Learn with Ey says:

Got it. Thanks for the video man 🙂 More power.

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