Email Marketing Guide for Beginners – STEP by STEP Tutorial!

Email Marketing Guide for Beginners – STEP by STEP Tutorial!

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In this video, I’m going to teach you how to setup and integrate email marketing software into your website so you can start collecting customer emails for more traffic and more sales! Included below is a link to a 60-day free trial of my preferred email marketing software as well.

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If you’re new to my channel, my name is Odi and I’m an Entrepreneur, Music Producer, and Passive Income Expert. I first started by doing Amazon Associates affiliate marketing then branching out to other affiliate networks and more profitable niches. Affiliate marketing is the best source of passive income IMHO and has allowed me to live in my dream home and own my dream garage. Make sure to check out my other videos for more!

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Redneck Fantasy Factory says:

What is your email collection percentage?

Ashley Sky says:

So what happened with the email marketing AWeber ? Are you not using a Weber anymore is this one better than a Weber?

Dave Dörenberg-Veltman says:

Thank you for giving us clues to build our own business and tools needed. I'm a duch subscriber and you already helped me a lot.

Martijn van Hoof says:

Hi odi, this might be an idea for a follow up video. But I kinda struggle to get sales from my emaillist. We are promoting physical products (Electronica) and doing a give away to get opins. We have a 2% optin rate which is good I guess? What's urbenchmark? We then push them to our autoresponder to inform them about the product advantages and showing related products. But hardly get extra sales from those lists. Do you have a case study or more email ideas to send to our customers?
Thanks in advance 🙂

Marexx says:

Can I start this with no money?

Diogo Marquez says:

Awesome bro 🙏

Dennis Esser says:

Thank you so much. Email marketing is key. Even for an Amazon business it’s possible.

Moneyologist says:

great video

69 Timr says:

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Solo Titan says:

liked before watching 🙂

Millionaire Runway says:

Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing because it retargets people who showed interest

Affiliate Marketing Queen says:

Great video. Your 5 benefits of email marketing are spot on and an eye-opener for me. I know they will be helpful to me. Thank you.

Black Vito - Moneyology says:

I hear some people check there email several times a day so it'd make sense that email marketing works 💪🌚

Andrew Alvey - Real Passive Income says:

I love your backround! And content, as always!
Btw, I have also made a YouTube channel, so if anybody is intrested in passive income come check it out! I will always follow back 😊

The Veggie Boys says:

I have tried some of your suggestions and it has actually helped me gain some subscribers, thank you for everything you do and keep helping us smaller youtubers even the farming content creators like me 😂

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