Create an AFFILIATE MARKETING YOUTUBE channel – Affiliate Marketing Website Update #9

Create an AFFILIATE MARKETING YOUTUBE channel – Affiliate Marketing Website Update #9

In this video I show you how I created a YouTube Channel for my Affiliate Marketing Website, I take you through everything including how got the videos made, creating the channel, channel art, thumbnails, website embedding with Elementor and more.

I apologise for the confusion regarding thumbnails. You can add them, you just need to verify first!

Here’s the things mentioned:

The playlist of all videos:
The Hoth:
Ultimate Addons for Elementor:

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Dale Neff says:

Loved the training and those were awesome video ads. Heading over to channel now.

Lisa Martinez says:

I want to learn everything you are willing to teach about this! I’ve got your videos on notify me status. You’re awesome!

D-Train's Bunk says:

Wow, you make it look easy. It's simple, but I went the Photoshop route. Learning curve is way longer. It's good to have online tools in case you're on the go. Awesome info. Are there any settings on the back end we should consider?

J YH says:

Super helpful thank you!

Eddi Saig says:

Hi Alex,
How can I contact Dennis? I would love him to make me a video

oceanwater2wave says:

Thank you! I love your content!

sine0 says:

The roofbox video narrator looked like his soul was dying on the inside….. ' this isnt what i thought hollywood was about….'

B _Beast says:

Hey Alex!
Are you going to create a tutorial on income schools new WordPress theme when they release it?

B _Beast says:

180 dollars per video kind of seems quite ridiculous

Bachchar Yassine says:

Awesome one why about seo video

JP in Fuerteventura says:

Subscribed to BestRoofBox Alex

Sagar Mahant says:

Is it elementor pro which one showed in tutorial

Tammy Ohagan says:

Happy to subscribe!

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