By: John Canham

By: John Canham

Hi Jerry,
Thank you for the information, really helpful.
I have got a question relevant to that and if I can be helped with an answer that would be just great.

Actually, I am a new blogger, it’s been months of blogging and now I have built a good amount of traffic and following after such hard work that I need to get into affiliate marketing now (which was the goal along creating good content).

My contents are based on multiple niches and I assume that requires a lot of extra work if products can’t be found under one platform and a tool that can allow me use my socials as well.

Can I get some guide on which program I should go for that won’t make things complex for me a lot in beginning? Like so many on engine available I found this revglue company from UK which is 100% commission for affiliates and free affiliate CMS plugins (wordpress)

Should I go for that or maybe you can suggest me something. Any sort of guidance is appreciated.



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