BEST Step By Step Guide For Affiliate Marketing On Facebook Ads For Clickbank 2018

BEST Step By Step Guide For Affiliate Marketing On Facebook Ads For Clickbank 2018

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In this video walk through a step by step affiliate marketing guide for facebook ads in 2018. This method is specifically includes facebook ads for Clickbank products.



Omid Geek says:

I realized I missed a part at the end where I was supposed to show you how to reupload the PDF using a link. To clarify this part I recommend checking out this video:

dzcompucar westamine says:

you are really a great person, thanks a lot

Harvest Girl says:

Your amazing!!

D L says:

You literally have the best content for affiliate marketing on YouTube, you rock!

Amir B says:

Hi Omid, lets say I want to find hot fb post in specific country, how i do search for that in google? because when i do general wording, it shows around the globe in different countries.

Kyle Christopher says:

Awesome, actionable advice. Thank you so much. I’ve been looking for something just like this. Too many of these gurus say they want to help people then ask for your money. Thanks for doing this! This content should be easily accessible so thanks for lowering the barrier to entry!

I just followed this video to a T and posted my first FB ad campaign. I set my budget at $5/day for 5 days. I duplicated the campaign twice as shown in the video. The campaigns are currently under review. I’ll keep you posted. To the folks reading this,
remember that you need to cloak the links in your PDF so that they go thru your affiliate link, not direct to the offer. Otherwise you might lose sales.

Anyway, Omid, I know you said affiliate marketing using FB is dead but I wanted to give it a try anyway. I’m also planning to do a native campaign and compare the results. Thanks for providing USEFUL affiliate techniques instead of more fluff.

Sandeep Kumar says:

You always deliver the right information! I am really heading in the right way to make money online! Thank you very much for your guidance. God bless you.

CB Ninja says:

i just got kicked my email service paused by mailchimp. Mailchimp does not like affiliate marketing at all.

Molten Ice says:

Fantastic video! Insane amount of detail. Keep more of these coming, and if you're worried they get too long you can always split them up into parts 🙂 subscribed

mammorm says:

hi Omid, why connect mail chimp with click funnel if click funnel have all the same stuff of mail chimp?

Dora Animations says:

Thank you cool video!

Raw Empowerment Life Coaching says:

Bro… such masterful content. Really appreciate it!

Julio Uriarte says:

Hi Omid, super awsome what u share…. i have no much experience with the tools and platforms u use, but in 3 hours or so i launched my first campaing, actually my firt promotion product in CB. I am awaiting for results. Excuse my english…lol.

Stuks Beatz says:

This is some very valuable content u've made Omid. Thank you!

ณัฐรดา จุ้ยสกุล says:

Excellen video thank you.

Lucy Kane says:

Hello Omid, i wanted to promote Organifi Green juice on clickbank. I received an email from the company that said they will get back to me within 2-3 to see if i can promote their products. Do i always need permission from a company to promote products using clickbank? Please let me know this is my first time using it.

Thank you!

Entrepreneurish says:

One of the best videos I have watched in weeks..and I watched a ton!! 👍👍 Just beautiful 😎

Vlad Wanderer says:

Thanks, I liked, Vlad

Pure Living Foods by Gina says:

Thanks Omid amazing tutuorial- I am a total newbe and not a young one !! I want to get into Affiliate marketing and this really helped me as I was not sure as to where to go or how to do it. I will watch it again and follow along and need to learn again how to spy ad and also the FB business part – I have a regular FB account and have a facebook page for my dog – can I do these ads on my facebook page group? it is a public group? I have already 102 followers and I have only started. Well done and thank you from Ireland !!

LSR says:

Great video. But why was the fb pixel added to the landing page? Was it for the retargeting option or to track the sign ups?

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