Affiliate Marketing Tutorial How To Make Money As A Beginner [Step By Step]

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial   How To Make Money As A Beginner [Step By Step]

The smartest way to make money on ClickBank:

In this video, you will see how to start making money with affiliate marketing in 4 easy steps.
In the first step, we see how to find affiliate offers or products to promote, the 2nd step shows how to find the right audience, the 3rd is how to convert your traffic into more buyers and affiliate commissions and the final step is Facebook ads.


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CeDrIoN KaZus says:

Really good content !
Did you suggest to include email marketing as well?

OutsideGroove says:

I gotta say I like your approach. Your not promising the stars and delivering hype. You seem honest and straight forward.

Zakaria Chana says:

Hello Ross, which works better in your opinion: squeeze pages or review articles? Or do they work equally well?

Anyone passing by can answer too, thanks.

abdelhakim bedoui says:

If the product (view mobile) it is work just in mobile??
How I should do in Facebook adds just mobile devices o whath
Plzz Plz answer my ???

Roxie Lee says:

Hello ross sir can you please tell me how can i join ur private training your pintrest ads training with cpa dropship and affiliate? Are you available for the training waiting for your truly kind response

George Charba says:

Where you make your amazing presentations?

Power point/Google slides or some other useful platform?

Ihor Khrystyuk says:

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⁃ Only direct dating & sweeps offers. (WW)
⁃ Exclusive partnership with one of the largest mainstream dating advertiser – Victoria Dates.
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Enchanted Voodoo says:

Hey, thanks for your videos. I am a regular viwer of ur video. Pls, i can not open clickbank account in my country.. I dont know what to do.. I really want to make some income as a student. Now, i dont know what to do.. Pls help

yitbarek esayas says:

I am a little bit confused in the audience and lander stage

yitbarek esayas says:

What is traffic and autopilot in affiliate marketing?

Alvin Leong says:

Ross is the man, always giving useful content

Bhavya Shah says:

Hey Ross just loving the content you are giving with such honesty and value. I just wanted to ask you two questions, hope you will answer

1. If Affiliate Marketing is so much profitable then why marketing gurus sells course on youtube? Are not they making money with affiliate marketing!?

2. Do you still do Affiliate Marketing?

TS Kaesha says:

Hi Ross. Great training. I'll have up tonight. BTW, when I Google Clickbank products to see what folks are doing to get traffic…both organic and paid (I respect that they have costs and don't click on the ads…but I do like to see the ad content and text) I often see "News" or "Press" releases from well known news outlets which are really links to a landing page….any idea how they do that and what it costs? Maybe a training on that? Thanks.

Climbers Of Ice says:

I think I've concluded this affiliate lifestyle isn't for me. The potential for it is great but few make it big in that industry. It's a lot of work and possibly even money at the beginning, and it's risky because you don't even know if things will work out. It's basically a gamble whether or not it was worth the time and money and I don't feel like gambling with my own time and money.

That's why most people stick to 9-5s. They suck , sure, but they are secure and stable and consistent with the amount of pay you get. There's no risk to it. People seek security and consistency in their life. Not chance or luck

Ch. Hasnain says:

good one thanks for the effort

rashid James says:

are you from France and living in USA


hi Ross happy new year! i like ur tutorials, so inspiring, i deciding to jump into this business model and i starting to get all the info i need for starting up…and i have a doubt, clickbank said that we need to fit in the "Customer Distribution Requirement" wich mean that we need to set up 2 paid methods and we get paid after 5 sales, my question is: An online bank account like (n26) and a standard paypal account (no business) link togheter is enough? or i need 2 different bank account? (i am from italy) i am sure that u know the answer…
meanwhile thanks alot for your free tutorials i hope the best for u.

ЯɅKƟS says:

Ive watched one of your videos where u explain how t copy other landing pages using the site wesbites, i was just wondering,would you not send the people on the copied landing page to the funell where they put their emails? idk how to explain well but how would you be able to get their emails and subbed to u from the landing page {im a beginner}

Francis Oppong says:

Ross facebook has restricted me from promoting ads , i created a new Fb account i still got restricted .

Droid Skull says:

Ross do a series

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