Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners 2020 (Step by Step)

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners 2020 (Step by Step)

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In this video, I will show you how Mike and I earn thousands of dollars per week with affiliate marketing. Whether you are a beginner marketer or an experienced advertiser, this video will outline some of the key steps needed to make money with affiliate marketing in 2020.

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1:00 – Why affiliate marketing?
2:33 – How does affiliate marketing work?
4:54 – Best niches
14:28 – Free vs. Paid Traffic
16:40 – Do You Need A Website?
18:05 – Finding traffic sources
23:11 – Best affiliate networks
30:00 – How To build a successful blog

Whether you are working at a large company, small business, or for yourself, we are excited to share our weekly 5-Point Marketing Monday with you! This includes our favorite gear, tips, experts, quotes, questions, and thoughts for this week to get your week started on a successful week. Enjoy!

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DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! Everything in this video is based on information we learned from online resources, our own experience, and books we have read. Please do your own research before making any important decisions. You and only you are responsible for any and all digital marketing decisions you make. Thank you for watching!



Emerald mEDIA says:

Hi there – looking great

Richard Bott Slots And More says:

Awesome videos…..Great content…Now if I can figure out how to put a link in my descriptions….lol…Thanks for the tutorial…

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Carol Stokes says:

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Make Money Online Fast says:

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Slice of Pepperoni says:

None of these videos ever mention tax. Don't forget to take tax out of the money "into your pocket"

Shalaby PharmD says:

None of the comments mentioned that this actually work. It’s all about “not selling a course” which is great. But is it true to content. Does his method work. I’ll give a shot this weekend and we shall see!

Adalgisa Ritchie says:

thank you so much for your tutorial is being very helpful

Steve O'Brien says:

How exactly are companies sending you money? Do you give them your address or account info so they can direct deposit? I'm still not sure how that part works and I haven't seen anyone mention this.

Navin Adhikari says:

Toooo much ad😡🤬

Terri Alvarado says:

3:16 Yeah i learned to get money via DollarTod.c om

$300 in a day is possible

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da ni says:

He could easily become an actor or model lol

Triple3Gamer says:

is CJ for free to sign up ?

Misty Amburgey says:

I was a wedding planner years ago, and im in the middle of starting a blog for the 1st time in my life. Do you think wedding planning has affiliate programs and would it be wise to link my own ebook in my blogs? Thank you and you have very helpful information

francois gervais says:

Great video but my biggest problem is finding the right domain name that is catchy and it is not already taken

Edi Kannemeyer says:

Thank you, Nate. This video is quite informative. I learnt a lot. And thank you so much for making this tutorials available for free, really appreciate it.

adriana nava says:

informative and interesting videos, incredible that they take this type of pages to make these viral videos, this helps humanity to have a greater knowledge and appreciate more the things that we can take advantage of, my congratulations

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C.K. Kevin Jensen says:

Good Job. Great Video!

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