Affiliate Marketing tutorial 2021, Complete Beginners Guide

Affiliate Marketing tutorial 2021, Complete Beginners Guide

Affiliate Marketing tutorial 2021, Complete Beginners Guide

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The 2 affiliate programs I referred to in this video:
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In this video you will see:
01:45 What is affiliate marketing
03:40 Hoe to find printable products to promote as an affiliate
05:20 What are the affiliate profitable products and where to find them
07:28 How to become an affiliate with Clickbank, JVzoo, and private affiliate programs
14:27 What is market research and how to do it
19:40 How to do the avatar worksheet
29:50 How to promote your affiliate business on social media
31:40 Free online marketing methods to promote your business
32:05 How to generate traffic for your affiliate business
35:14 sales process and closing

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Hey, Anas Ramadan here, and in this video, I will be teaching you all you need about affiliate marketing in 2021 as a complete beginner.

Look, one of the questions I got asked almost every day is; how to start making money online with affiliate marketing. What I mean by that is; Give me the Step-By-Step Method to implement in order to make money online with affiliate marketing and build a business that generates me some extra income online, and that will turn into a full-time business!

Well, this is the video you are waiting for; in this video, I will be teaching you exactly what you need to know about affiliate marketing as a beginner in 2021!!

I will be covering …

1- how to find profitable affiliate products and get your affiliate link
2- how to do market research and know who your ideal customer is
3- how to promote your products on social media for free
4- how to generate traffic and convert them into leads
5- how to convert leads into customers and close the sale.


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recommende you all to @hackerjung7 on telegram

Adelabu Azeez says:

recommende you all to @hackerjung7 on telegram

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