Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest

Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest

Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest| Pinterest Affiliate Marketing|



Totally Brenda says:

This is a very informative video.

Juliet Fray says:

I am not seeing the recommended searches section on my pinterest account.. Is there something i'm doing wrong?

Monica Hall says:

Well done! Thank you for this video.

Nadeem Academy says:

How many 18 years ?

Nadeem Academy says:

Very nice video

nickyworth25 says:

Please forgive my ignorance, but after I add the top pins to the board and add my products. how do I drive traffic to my board? Do I continue to repost the top pins each day to my boards along with my products as well? How often should I post to my boards?

Abu Hasan says:

Hey, great video I was really struggling between others videos and people are just talking and collecting views only, here he video is to teach really. So many thanksssssssss. Also I have question. Will I be getting money form my account on amazon or from pinterset? and do I need to add any payment information to pinterest? and If I spend good time on this am I going to be earning good money on the end? Appreciate if you answer. Thanks

Nikhil Babaria says:

Helpful video and thank for teaching new things about Pinterest. I want to know about the images. Can we use the product images from the amazon or etsy directly on our website or Pinterest? There will not be in any copyright issue.

Khalid Semary says:

wow, Too much information is being shared here. Great Vid and keep on the good work 🙂

raju gurung says:

good job hope you will keep upload this type videos more ,thanks@
#Life Styling Space

C V says:

This is a great video with many nuggets of information.

Shariffa Mubarak says:

So helpful with info I haven't heard elsewhere.

Olatunde Ayodele says:

Hi Paul, you did a great work there,can you send me the blueprint of how to automate the four steps on pinterest to make $13,000/monht to my email.

meow mix2 says:

Thank you so much for the tutorial. It was so informative and helpful!
I have a question. Is this method okay in all aspects? I'm not sure about other countries, but in the US, it's law to state that affiliate links are being used. And Amazon states that a mention of being an affiliate with them must be addressed as well. Is this only for websites/blogs? I noticed you didn't mention any of these in the descriptions, but again, I'm not sure of other countries' rules.
I hope my questions were clear. Thank you in advance!

Christine Chico says:

I had seen a video that recommended pictures of 800 X 1200 pixels for Pinterest. Is there any problem copy the image from Amazon?

Nail Notes says:

Thank you Erika!! I love your videos. They are SO helpful! xx

Susan Jackson says:

How well of an income do you make doing this by chance?

Xaena ツ says:

Follow me on pinterest at @xoqueen_●

Motherly Hulk says:

Love the voice and it helped answered some of my questions. Thank you for this video.

Mac Liney says:

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