Affiliate Marketing Is Easy And I Can PROVE IT!

Affiliate Marketing Is Easy And I Can PROVE IT!

Affiliate Marketing Is Easy And I Can Prove It!

this is a new video about affiliate marketing and my trigger word method… if you want to make money online with affiliate marketing… you need to watch this.

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remember: making money online is a business… its not a guarantee… in fact most people trying to earn money online make nothing. make sure you follow all legal requrements and disclosure requirements.



Mansor Eshergawy says:

You are putting money on the table to be collected 👌👌👌

business tents says:

Marcus you better update da Profile Photo..seems like it''s from 1999

Balázs Vígh says:

This is lie! Affiliate marketing is difficult!!! I have been trying with affiliate marketing since 2014 and I NEVER EVER EARN A DIME with it!

Shipon Axx says:


po boy says:

MARCUS WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO SET MYSELF UP WITH YOUR PROGRAM. . I have watched your videos many times befor,e ,and I enjoyed them all. I was using a different program, that Rory Ricord invented called Link Post Blogging, but I made it to the 8 month mark and i was approved for adsense and i was getting decent traffic but I made one fatal heart breaking, mistake. I had 76 articles written of at least 1000 words each and someone stole them all. The server got hacked and I lost all my data ..I dont have the stomach to go back and try that again .I should have had my stuff backed up but I was a fool. I want to start over with someone different this time and ill not be making that rookie mistake ever again. I will back up all my work from this day forward in my google drive. thanks for your time sir and Good luck in the future. p.s maybe you could do an episode on your show about the importance of backing your work up and the heartache that comes with working like a dog for months on end just to have it all stolen in the blink of an eye lol….


I have seen lots of your videos but I hardly managed to learn a single thing. You focus too much on LOUD messages that do not establish the concept rather only create noise. always using Ahref means you hardly have any such deep understanding of the real ways of getting the job done. LOUD and Noisy videos.

Eddy McGuire says:

6:15 too funny! You are the best Marcus!


"What are u gonna do? Sell tortillas and make 4¢?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Vaney Pilon says:

..the trigger word list amazing ..
Ur brain always thinks out side the box ..
To find a different way to win ..
Marcus u are a Genius….

Vaney Pilon says:

U are the real deal..100% your teachings are like a university..School …..!
Not like all these fake wana be affiliate guys on you tube …lady's n gentlemen take a seat be quite n learn from the …..

ZakysOnLine 15 says:

Marcus this is easy and works for you because you have a magic tool Ahref (too expensive for most), but for the rest of the people who don't have to pay for that tool, what can we use?

Kolampixel says:

Good stuff! Question…is it worth it (pardon the pun) to create a YouTube channel just for all different kinds of these reviews? So the whole channel is of reviewing?

Adhumon says:

Nice imitation of boris Johnson

CutArt Story says:

Ahrefs is expensive marcus 🙁

kutita kerida says:

How soon can we see money come in? If we built an affiliate website using your method

upsideright says:

Her Marcus, to my own shame I cannot afford the ahrefts tool at the moment, do you know of any free alternatives I could use that you like? Thank you so much.

aadarsh choudhary says:

The only way to money is make money online videos

Alea V says:

For the pet insurance, would it be a good idea to set up a landing page with a Free PDF all about pet insurance to collect emails? That way on the back end you could use their emails to promote other pet stuff like Chewy or Petco. Or am I overthinking this? lol

Hello Friend Hypnosis says:

I HATE SEO these days. It takes too long. Paid traffic is less of a headache and video marketing is easier.

Gana Gaming says:

Please more videos likie those for seo wbesites easy rankings pleaseee

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