AFFILIATE MARKETING: How To Make Your First $1000 (for beginners)

AFFILIATE MARKETING: How To Make Your First $1000 (for beginners)

In this video, I share how to start affiliate marketing for beginners to make your first 1000 dollars. I show proof of my first year earning and how to start affiliate marketing using my own case study and results. If you want to learn from an expert, check out my FREE tutorial and resources below!

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Edwin Chapman says:

Hey, great video Odi. I just want to know what going on with the black and red numbers in the third column? They go from positive to negative, what does that mean?

Darryl Eng Health Fitness & Martial Arts says:

Love it! Did you build a funnel to go with the blog for your first affiliate sale? The cool thing is that you didn't give up and the money you made was better than zero. So it worked!

Wasantha Guruge says:

Thank you so much for the video ODi !!!
Keep up the good work brother !!!

David Blanco says:

It would be great to share with us how to do affiliate marketing today with SEO, WordPress… Present us with business models, strategies, niches, etc… With results

David Blanco says:

Thanks for share you story. It's motivating

Facts and Shorts says:

This inspires me. Let's go

Financial Freedom Style says:

Love this “time machine” tour, it showed the level of commitment on time and patience in order to get much closer to your goals! No such thing as overnight success, thanks for sharing Odi!

Antonio Matos says:

I do appreciate that you share this video, it was excellent 👍

Learning Machines says:

great video

StarkEXPAND says:

Love that you show people that it actually takes TIME to make sales and not this instant 25k/m BS floating around. Keeping it real Odi! Much love!

Snehanjali D says:

This video was much needed because I have just started, Thank you!

Need Taco says:

Here's what I got to say. INVEST IN CRYPTO NOW. Nuff said

Steve kinyua says:

I'm starting affiliate marketing….don't know how to ho about it…what's your advice

Omar Ali Yusuf says:

Hi Odi thanks for posting videos

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