Affiliate Marketing | How I Make $2,500 Per Day

Affiliate Marketing | How I Make $2,500 Per Day

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In this video, I break down what affiliate marketing is today, the problem with traditional affiliate marketing advice, how I make $2,500 per day, how to join affiliate programs, and my 5 step framework to get started with affiliate marketing.

0:00 Intro
1:10 The Affiliate Marketing Business Model
2:44 Affiliate Marketing on YouTube
3:43 Affiliate Marketing on Google
4:36 How to Join Affiliate Programs
7:46 Your Affiliate Marketing Content Plan
10:25 5 Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing

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Adam Enfroy says:

Watch my free blogging masterclass ➜

How much money are you making with affiliate marketing? Please comment even if it's zero. Also, please let me know if there are any areas you're struggling with when it comes to affiliate marketing and I'll do my best to help.

Apparjit Singh says:

Awesome video bro👌 just subscribed to your channel 👍 keep up the good work 👍

N Snipz says:

I joined the channel when Adam was still a little over 10,000 subscribers. I am so happy to see his channel grow, since his content is so valuable. Thanks Adam.🎉

Shailesh Chaudhary says:

You are doing great work man ❤️ thank you for sharing your experience with us 🙏

Sílèñt Kìller says:

I need ur Instagram i want to talk u personally

Sílèñt Kìller says:

Bro iam working on affiliate marketing 2 months ago i get only 2 sales plz help me to grow

L.Kitanova says:

Thank you for helping 🙏🍀🌟

Promise Oromidayo says:

Hi Adam, great video. Please I did like to ask what you think about starting an affiliate marketing blog with Medium before using your own blog if you do not have the money to start your own blog!

Marc Ilgen says:

So, you make money online by creating a blog and a course on "how to make money online." Funny, the only people I see who successfully build their blog to the point where they can make money online are the people whose content is all about "how to make money online." Show me someone who successfully built a money making blog on some (any) other topic and then I might take it seriously. Until then, it is an intellectual Ponzi scheme – you make money by selling the dream that they too can make money online by teaching yet more people to make money online. At some point the whole thing collapses.

Brad Conley says:

Adam, do you think your blog would have the traffic it does without your youtube presence?

P_darge says:

Can I actually get your Twitter handle so we communicate more I had watched your videos and are educative

Joe Bloggs says:

Thanks Adam just watched your video awesome finally no bs just info I am trying to get off the ground need all the help I can get thank uou so much. I am really at my last chance 60 years of age business in Thailand ruined by Covid bs any advice will be awesome I have tried all the crap you mentioned spamming everyone and groups but zilcho!

Sanat Biswal says:

Hi Adam. I wanted to know the viability of using AI vs write up by a human. Which one do you think Google will favour long-term?

Sitaram Behera says:

Hlw bro I have created a quotes blog how to my keyword rank

Tawana Chebani says:

I m struggling to create a website please help me out

Senad Juseinovski says:

How do I write consistent content? If I want to promote coffee makers, I can make one post and list the top 5 coffee makers that fits in small spaces for example but what after that? How do I keep going, what should I write about?

Can I only create one post only like a landing page ?

Krutagya Chopda says:


Hassan Adams says:

Hi Adam please can you be please to teach me how to create my own affiliate marketing stuff, I'm Adam from Nigeria

vanson mbudzi says:

What kind of domain name do i need to have also the the content???

Catina Willis TV says:

Are you concerned with plagiarism using the ai writing tool?

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