Affiliate Marketing FREE Course [PART 1] – Blueprint Overview | Marissa Romero

Affiliate Marketing FREE Course [PART 1] – Blueprint Overview | Marissa Romero

GUYS! NO ONE HAS EVER DONE THIS. This is video 1of5 of my Affiliate Marketing Free Course the blueprint and overview! I go over everything you need to know with getting setup and started: the business model, how you get paid, tracking, finding a high converting offer, profitable product selection, profitable niche selection and so much more!!

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🔹PART 2 – Traffic:
🔹PART 3 – Email marketing sales funnels:
🔹PART 4 – 6 Figure Branding:
🔹PART 5 – Make your first $1K Online:

Interview with John Crestani ►

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Sheila Willis says:

Thank you Marissa for this free course. May God continue to abundantly bless you.

Hitesh Golait says:

Let me know. Do we need any website

Hitesh Golait says:

I love you marissa. I'm your huge fan

Light Sight Fitness says:

I saw this 3months ago but was so stupid and arrogant that I didn’t watch this. I am humbled and super impress to the super value bombs 💣!!

HankSellsHomes says:

Excellent series.

G MIX says:

I'm actually selling a Medical Device produced by a Japanese Company. would anyone be interested in doing Affiliate Marketing for me? I can offer $135 – $370 per confirmed Sale.

Elle Angel says:

How can someone pay cash in the affiliate marketing???

M&D Money says:

I love your video 😍very helpful

suport 4u says:

Don't hit the camera cutie. O love the curs

mariam whb says:

Hey Marissa! First of all Thank you soo much for these amazing informative videos. Second I have a question for you, how did you learn to be an affiliate marketer? I mean did u have a mentor for that ? Did you pay for that ? And is it possible to do it alone?
Thaaaaaaanks again dear. You are an inspiration cause I want to follow the same path !

Brien Hughes says:

Thank you I want to share with you an opportunity I’m with if I may

Calvin Stallings says:

Dope Ass Mentor!!!!!

Avrielle Elder says:

Hey quick question @marissa Romero : When you use clickbank and sign up for an account when it asks for your tax id or ssn number ? what did you do for that? did you put your ssn in?

muhammad farooq says:

miss can i work on my fb add as a afflicted for any compny oor broker like fx broker etc

Jason Swaney says:

Thank you only one that ever did this!!

Black Classical Composers says:

I wish I can become an Amazon Affiliate but I can't get through on there

Ahmad Julaihie Abdul Latiff says:

Hi Marissa, as a newbie, is it essential to have a domain? Or can I use free sites like blogger, wix etc Please advise

Lyes Ndr says:

Traduction arab

The Promo Champ says:

You are simply amazing! The content you share and the simplicity is Awesome. It's making a Difference. Thanks you

TheIronshogun says:

Awesome, I never regret the time spent on your videos. You can tell you put a lot of effort in it's structure so it makes sense. I'm looking forward to completing the course.
Thanks again.

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