Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Tutorial (Step-By-Step for 2019)

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Tutorial (Step-By-Step for 2019)

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Video Recap:

Once you gain an understanding of affiliate marketing, it becomes much easier to execute. There are 5 basic steps or components that must be in place for affiliate marketing to work.

1. Choosing a profitable niche. Follow your passion or interest but make sure you position yourself in a way that gives you the most monetization opportunities. The 3 main evergreen niches are Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

2. Find good affiliate products.

3. Earn big commissions by partnering with experienced product producers that have a lucrative value ladder. This is the key to beginners getting over the hump.

4. Drive free traffic with YouTube. Getting in front of search will help your conversions skyrocket and YouTube will allow you to rank much faster than Google.

5. Institute a system. If you want true passive income then you need to build your passive income machine. The formula is simple…

Value – Value – Offer – Follow Up

The money is in the follow up and the way you are going to attract an audience and get them to know you, like you, and trust you is by providing value.

Hope this helps.

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