Affiliate Marketing For Beginners & An Important WARNING

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners & An Important WARNING

Affiliate marketing is great for beginners BUT there are some traps you need to look out for. No Ads! ✔️100% FREE! ✔️NO fluff ✔️NO B.S. ✔️NO Sales Pitch!

For the free deep dive affiliate marketing training for 2021, watch this next: This free affiliate tutorial is also beginner friendly and it is 100% free.

If you need help finding a niche for your new affiliate website be sure to check out the 5-minute niche finder process here:

Once you have chosen your niche, the next step is to start your blog. Follow this step-by-step tutorial that shows how to build your blog here:

If you are worried about falling for an affiliate marketing scam, be sure to watch this video:

I first started making money online as an affiliate marketer in 2003, over 17 years ago.

I’m living proof that it works, but I can also tell you that there are some big-time predators out there to try and scam beginners out of their hard earned money.

You can launch and build an affiliate marketing business with a tiny investment in website hosting only. From here it is all about creating great content that your audience is searching for in order to rank and drive traffic to your affiliate site.

If you want to learn how to write affiliate blog posts as a beginner, watch this video next:

Maybe you are wondering about the potential with affiliate marketing for beginners.

I didn’t talk about money in this video at all, can you make money as an affiliate?

Well, a little over a year ago I stared a brand new affiliate marketing case study website from zero and built it to earning over $6,000 per month within 1 year.

I documented the process and the results in this video:

Now, you must understand that my results were unique to me. As stated above, I have 17 years of experience as an affiliate marketer so I’m in no way saying you’ll experience these results.

This is what was possible for ME based on my energy, effort, skills, talents, etc.

Your results will be different.

That said, what it does prove is that affiliate marketing is profitable and it works in 2020 and 2021.

I have students (YouTube viewers like you) from all ages and all walks of life who are building real businesses online with affiliate marketing.

From 16 year old gamers to retired grandmothers in their 70’s… The tech is no longer overwhelming and as long as you are ready to persevere and to do the work, this can be a great business.

The biggest mistakes people make is buying into one of the scams that the fake gurus sell and then getting disheartened and giving up too soon.

This is why I made a big deal over the warning in the beginning of this video. You need to know there is an entire industry of predators trying to take advantage of you by selling you an overpriced affiliate marketing course from a high-pressure webinar.

The ‘trick’ to getting all the info you’ll ever need is to just search my name “Miles Beckler” along with your question here in YouTube or in Google.

My YouTube channel: has over 630 videos that will teach you everything you need in order to succeed online.

You need to bring the energy, perseverance and work ethic required to ‘do the work’ for the years it takes to build a real business online.

Work ethic is something that is not very prevalent these days… Maybe you are one of the few who will roll up your sleeves and do what it takes to grow from being a beginner affiliate marketer to a success story.

I want to hear from you if that’s you! Leave a comment and let me know you are in the 1% who will succeed no matter what!

Most people get impatient, the believe the greedy gurus that there is a ‘shortcut’ so they put thousands on a credit card and the ONLY ONE who makes money is the greedy guru.

I’ve seen it thousands of times over…

I hope you make it through the gauntlet of fake affiliate gurus and actually build a real business.

I know you can do it and my videos are here to help.


Miles Beckler



Miles Beckler says:

The description is FULL of free videos, free trainings and free resources to help you become a better affiliate marketer… Be sure to copy the description to a notepad on your computer to go through! The 'next' video to watch is my deep-dive Affiliate Marketing training here –

Sebastian Kopalek says:

Miles, I saw your video about Lead magnet… excellent! My question is, with "FB ads -> offer page", I am doing 2,5k revenue and 1k profit every day, but it's difficult to upgrade to 2k o 3k profit per day… Do you believe if I Start using Lead Manget: "FB ads -> Free Lead Magnet (one lesson free and other content) -> Thank you / offer page", you can see better results? I know everything has to be tested, but in your experience, when you use lead magnet its improves your overall ROAS? vs direct offer sales? and how much? Can you do more than 1k profit per day with some funnel like that one in any of your business?


Jack Roberts says:

Need some advice, got myself into a bit of a mess, I've recently lost my job working aerospace compositing, I've been working there for 5 years.. The pay was great but i never got any qualifications or useful skills to find other jobs with. I've started betting at first I was winning about £5000 in a month, now im losing. I can't seem to find any decent jobs going.. I have these big plans to start my youtube gaming channel but i lack the funds for a laptop and other equipment. What advice would you give me?

Thomas McMahon says:

One of the better (best) summary videos explaining this. Bookmarking it to keep on hand when needed. A little tip to expand on when you're collecting email leads from Facebook (or anywhere), the Thank You page after the opt-in is a great spot to highlight a targeted affiliate offer in a helpful way. If it works for the opt-in flow of course.

Yared Wolde says:

Miles don't you think it is difficult for beginners to take ideas of a high difficulty niche as in your 5 min niche finder article? I also bought an online genuine course on affiliate marketing but Miles free video covered almost all the topics.

Dayfer says:

Miles, I just wanna compliment you for your speaking expertise – clear pronunciation & enunciation while speaking rather fast, no cuts required. Damn. As a non-native speaker, I envy that 😀

Kasper Duelund says:

Remember that nieche is french so it's a soft pronunciation:D

Joshua Simi says:

I’m not an affiliate but the SEM tool just got a cool makeover.

Shaikha AlAbry says:

Beautiful back ground:)
Keep it up bro

:D aryan says:

Big fan, thank you so much for the video 💕


I had watched a few of your videos and got inspired to create my website where I could do some affiliate links in my niche with amazon and some other art-related businesses along with the items I make. Currently building site right now hoping to launch next week. Your videos have helped and I will continue to go back to look at others. Thanks.


Thanks great info

waylonjenninz says:

I trust anyone in a Kangol.

Tanya Buchanan says:

Im so sick of seeing these "make 200 per day" people and their videos on YouTube 🙄

seatonluck says:

My fb ad strat is based on your vids and works great for our digi-products. Wife and I are putting together an aff-marketing fine jewelry site (with custom fine jewelry up-sells), do you recommend google ads for that ? Thank you for all the great info MIles, God Bless you & M !

sumit kumar says:

Thank you Miles, in this video i get my question answered. Thanks for the information

Chris Cazenave says:

Another awesome video! I've been watching your channel to get my firs site up and running. One thing I've been confused about and maybe I just missed that video is google search console. Many of my pages say discovered not indexed or crawled not indexed. Is this normal for a brand new site. I know it takes a while to rank, but not sure how long it takes to get your post and pages indexed.

A Man of Iron says:

Hi Miles, I have two questions:

1. Do you use your real name/personality on your affiliate site/blog? Do you use a pseudonym/pen name? Or do you just let the blog name be the "brand" name and you don't include any personal information on the blog?
2. Is it okay to review products that you don't own, be they physical or digital (especially since in the beginning you wouldn't have the budget to be buying products)? Would you have to include a disclaimer or something that says the reviews have been put together using research online and not personal testing?

mohit dahikar says:

Sir you are a great inspiration for me u dont even monetize video for us thank u soo much love uhh❤️

Vince S says:

Loved it Miles

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