Affiliate Marketing Beginner's Guide: What Is Affiliate Marketing & How To Get Started In 2020

Affiliate Marketing Beginner's Guide: What Is Affiliate Marketing & How To Get Started In 2020

Watch this to learn what is affiliate marketing & how to get started with affiliate marketing in 2020. This is a beginner friendly tutorial that outlines 5 steps to find affiliate programs, promote affiliate products, and earn affiliate commissions.

//Video Time Stamps
0:58 (Part 1) What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?
2:32 How, when, & where you get affiliate payments
6:07 (Part 2) Step by step guide to get started with affiliate marketing
6:16 Pick your topic/niche
7:26 Pick your platform
9:06 Grow your audience
10:58 Four ways to find & join affiliate programs
17:18 Promote affiliate products via online content
19:23 Affiliate marketing best practices

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Heather Chapple says:

Do you have a link with all recommended amazon products

S Pa says:

Did you say, List Perfectly?


Wonderful video, this was a mystery to me in the beginning and there are still things I’m trying to figure out about the process. Very useful information.

Anne Werner says:

I don't have a website, and I don't make youtube videos, so what other platforms if any can I use to start making money with affiliate marketing. This concept is still very confusing to me.

Boris Perry says:

Im so glad I subscribed ??❤️

Shivana R says:

Hi is it necessary to fill out the tax information? I’m new to this…

Olga Figueroa says:

Dunno how I ended up watching your video but I am so glad I did.

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Nice! Just want to show your page some love and support! ?

SuperJess TV says:

I love this. I've been an Amazon affiliate for some time I wish they would pay more though. Very informative great job mama ❤️?

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Noice mum ???

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