3000$/Month My Secret Affiliate Marketing Strategy 2021 (Full Course)

3000$/Month My Secret Affiliate Marketing Strategy 2021 (Full Course)

Today, in this full free course, I will reveal my Secret Affiliate Marketing Strategy that you can apply today in 2021, and I will show you how to implement this strategy in a step-by-step guide starting from scratch. This affiliate marketing course is unique simply because Iam sharing my own strategy that I dont think someone else has shared before! Enjoy.

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Introduction 0:00
What is Affiliate Marketing 1:50
The Strategy 2:49
Apply The Strategy 6:45
Web Hosting 7:24
Setup Hosting on Hostinger 9:23
Configure our wordpress site 13:16
Install Free WordPress Theme 14:50
Create the home page 16:28
Create the affiliate table 16:55
Important Tip: Use Short Links 24:17
Add Banner Ads 24:57
Some Website Tweaks 30:08
Get Traffic Problem 34:17

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Thank you, everyone, for your support!❤️ I will answer here some common questions related to this course:
1- What to do if you don't have any affiliate products to promote? Where to start?
Answer: If you are a total beginner and you don't know anything about affiliate marketing, please watch my other free course here:

2- In this strategy, we help affiliate marketers, and we are not promoting to people who will buy the service! How will we get commissions then?
Answer: Yeah, that's right, but as I mentioned in the course, even though you are helping affiliate marketers, they are still people who may be interested in those services since they are working online. And 99% of those services have cookies that will track conversions even after one month or more. So it works!
And the other thing is that you are also showing banner ads and google ads to have multiple income sources.
As a good tip, you can create a page for affiliate products as a review page and add some more ads. In this way, you can get more visits and increase the Total Ad impressions.
besides all that, you can monetize your website with other different techniques that I mentioned in this video:

3- Can we use something other than WordPress?
Answer: Sure, you can use whatever website technology you want. You can also use blogger, which is free. The idea is to understand the strategy and implement it as you like 🙂

4- Can we use other Shared hosting services?
Answer: of course, I mentioned that you could use whatever company you want, and I listed some in the description below.

5- How To Join the 100$ Giveaway?
Answer: Like the video, Subscribe, then go to the description, and you will find a link to join.

Have any other questions? please comment them below, or you can open on the forum here: https://h-educate.com/forums/

Good Luck❤️❤️

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