(19) What I Wish I Knew When Starting Affiliate Marketing Beginner Advice For You

(19) What I Wish I Knew When Starting Affiliate Marketing Beginner Advice For You

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Affiliate Marketing Is tough. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. To be successful at it, you need proper training. What I wish I knew when starting affiliate marketing is laid out in this video. 19 things that I really struggled with right here to help you avoid the same mistake that I made. Double the effort and Succeed with online marketing! This is the best affiliate marketing for beginners guide I have ever made! it’s epic!

Here are the 19:
make goals
be yourself
ignore family and friends
you will be overwhelmed, it’s ok!
don’t sale, suggest
treat affiliate marketing like a business
track everything
give google what it wants with seo
build a email list
beware of paid advertising for affiliate marketing
freelance for quick money
focus on one traffic source
look beyond amazon
build a sales funnel
be organized
get a tax id
do your taxes
keep business and personal separate
build a youtube channel

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Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach says:

What challenges have you faced in your online business?

robert newberry says:

Love your vids Chris. Thank you for helping me in Wealthy Affiliate. I'm learning a lot.

kenneth james says:

Love your channel as soon as I seen it I instantly subscribed. Im just learning affiliate marketing and payed for a video course and now that I watched it I'm ready but also scared I saved up a few checks too start cause I know it takes money to make money, but what I wanted to ask was….I overwhelmed with info and I dont know how to start. What qould you recommend for a guy that still knows nothing and a limited acount of 300 bucks…should I start paying for traffic after purchasing a website

Tashia BBE says:

This was good. Thank you.

Surreal Estate Deals says:

Biggest challenge…..too much noise and trying to find more signal. You should do more reviews of crappy affiliate programs, that's how I found you and how I got signed in to WA about a week ago. Someone elses blog doing a review of some crappy product I was about to buy…..LOL…..you both saved me but I would rather watch videos than read a blog…..gotta start a Youtube channel. My kids are 5 and 10 and they want to start a Youtube channel already, maybe we can make it a family fun thing to create some content and bring in some income as a plus……thanks for all the wisdom and content!

Javier Soto says:

Holy cow…I thought Tax IDs were for foreigners or something? No way. I'm gonna get one! BTW, as for your last tip about YouTube, would it work to make your blogs into…vlogs? That way you can pretty much kill two birds with one stone?

Jon McNeil says:

Chris – Great video and tips! Thanks for always giving a lot of value, it's refreshing:)

James Hansen says:

Chris your the man. ANother gem. I'm ready to get my butt started and declared you my official mentor lol. I'm trying to make an extra 5k/month. I want part of it to be FBA as I got somewhat figured out and want the rest to be affiliate marketing. I guess I start with your guide?

general brown says:

I really enjoy the Wealthy affiliate platform. The training and community is great. The thing I struggle with most is time. I won't get into the excuses because I don't accept them even from myself. I find myself often going back and rehearing training lesson just to get familiar with terms and to get a better understanding. Sometimes things just get a little overwhelming, but I just remember I didn't start this journey to get rich quick and it will take some time to get it going.

I thought I understood what a NICHE was until I saw a video by Kyle and realized I was a little off. It's all apart of the process. I just embrace it.

general brown says:

Great stuff as usual! I just want to give you big ups for reminding people to pay their TAXES! My dad had a very successful consulting business on his own, but he never thought about the Uncle Sam's cut, nor did he understand all the write offs available to him. The result was a $14K IRS bill, so he quit his business. Many people get excited about how much money that can be made and is being made, but fail to consider the taxes. So Thanks for shedding light on that for us.


This Dude is hella solid
Great mind.

Tawqeer Ullah says:

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lilwish16 says:

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Walter Brady says:

I have a youtube channel. Can you give my channel look?

OC Senior says:

Very informative. Thanks. This affiliate marketing stuff can really become overwhelming.

Michelewith1L says:

Great advice, Chris! I'm kind of wondering about how you send emails without it being considered spam?

Clifford Starks says:

Good stuff Chris! Since you mentioned checking out channels, check mine out and tell me what you think 👍

alan thelwell says:

I'm just looking into starting affiliate marketing and i'm definitely feeling overwhelmed with info at the minute.

Making 5 Million says:

What’s up man. Just subbed. Gonna check out your channel later on

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