13 Super-Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites Revealed!

13 Super-Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites Revealed!

These marketing websites will act as your roadmap to help you visualize exactly what a successful affiliate site looks like.

This will allow you to understand exactly what it takes and to help you stay focused on the bright activities while you grow your affiliate business.

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in addition to simply reviewing the websites you will get my professional insights about why each website is doing so well.

I have also collected and researched a ton of information on each website… Like the number of pages they have published, the age of the website, the number of keywords they have ranking and also a monthly traffic estimate to help you understand how well they are working.

I know at least one of these websites is earning approximate $400,000 per year which is equivalent to over $30,000 per month… Or $1000 per day.

With that said I have a strong belief that several other websites are making significantly more than that and you might be surprised that the uglier websites on the list are performing better than many of the pretty websites on the list.

I explained why that is and I help you focus your actions as you grow your site in manner that will get you the most financial reward in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you truly want to make money online you need to get hyper focused on the right activities. Studying what other successful websites have done to create their success can help you identify what those activities are.

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Miles Beckler says:

If you have not yet watched the full free affiliate marketing training recorded in 2020 that is perfect for beginners, go here next – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVQneGsDOlc

VT Lirroh says:

I love gaming! I play 13+ hours a day lol, I know I have no life but I wanna shorten those hours to "affiliate marketing". I've been doing research for a week and gathered a ton of information. My questions is, what is the best niche for gaming related?

Ben E says:

what would be your way to make these sites? Also how would you build up your visit numbers?

Money Lab says:

You say the same thing my biz partner Andrew says…DO REVIEW POSTS! I need to prioritize that on Brew Cabin for sure. Also, the homepage is dynamic and randomized. It changes when the cache breaks. Maybe I need to order it properly. That’s a good idea 😉

Netranand Meshram says:

Hi, Thank you for providing such great valuable content. Can you please advise us on the best monthly Subscription / Recurring Income source from which the Internet Marketers can build regular income once they have an audience.

Tanisha Marie says:

Hey mike let’s connect

Niamh says:

Your content is gold! Thank you so much for this info!

Chastin Kekahuna says:

Hey Miles! First off, thank your for all you do. I truly appreciate your work. You helped me start building websites for local businesses a couple of years back! I have a quick question, I just started building an affiliate site and am currently creating content for it. If later on down the road I choose to change hosting providers (go from A2 to AWS for example) would that negatively effect my search rankings? Would it be seen as bad in the eyes of Google? Thanks again, Miles! ??

phantomse24 says:

Hey miles.. just one more question for ya lol… what do you think about wealthy affiliate? Do you think you can make quality looking sites like these on that platform?

Grant Ambrose says:

Miles is there a list of all the keyword research tools you use? Also…is there a WordPress plugin or a method that you use to track how many posts you're doing a month? We're putting out a bit of content right now…and there is a way we can push a new published blog posts in google analytics and then view posts published vs organic traffic?

What Is The Best Day Trading Strategy in 2020 says:

Hi, Miles. love your contribution and your passion in what you do. Can you show or explore the options building a profitable real estate site. thx

Steven Crews says:

Really cool. Its great to see websites that are creating great content and being successful.

Chad B says:

Just Start! Seeing is believing ? ????

Marlene Mouton says:

Hi, Miles thank for another great video. Question – What do you mean with, and I quote "They are ranking for about 17000 different Keyword phrases done through 1100 posts or Keyword are ranking for this website. I am sure you have done a video on that can you direct me to that video, please.

S M says:

Another quality video. I wonder if I could make a niche on Miles videos as it's something i really enjoy watching LOL

RevistaWP says:

What a great analysis this is.

AVX says:

How should people buy actual products to review and write it off. Is buying products to review a business expense that get tax deduction?

Tarun Kashyap says:

Love your content bro, your content not only trains us to build a good money making site but also your content trains me mentally for long run

David Sandy says:

It looked like none of these sites were running ads… or was that your ad blocker?

aldean fenton says:

Thank you so much Miles. I'm new to affiliate market and this video was very helpful to me.

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