11 Things to Do BEFORE You Start Affiliate Marketing

11 Things to Do BEFORE You Start Affiliate Marketing

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Tiarrea B Just Doing Me says:

Great advice.

Dhruva Das Munshi says:

Great. Thanks for sharing

Ganzer says:

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Michela Potts says:

Had to freeze at 4th point just to comment and say this is so far the most realistic advice I’ve found on starting affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing, very helpful and honest.

Anette Mendez says:

I had the first negative comment. I'll see you quit before you start. From my brother. ?


wow very helpful..very detailed

Aaron May says:

Watched this while I smoked a blunt. 6:30 triggered ?

Crazy Ibbes says:

Dan, No words can express A good Thanks to you ??????

alpha fam says:

I thought u were going to say useful information like, you need an up an running website, constant traffic to you website, a certain number of sales, etc……that would be helpful to a viewer…

The debt collector says:

I'm curious to know if anyone made money from this dickheads advice

Devin Ligtelyn says:

Excellent video, thank you for the straight forward communication, organization, as well as leaving out extra fluff. I'm checking out Deadbeat U, love the name?

Terry Reyes says:

When you use the word trump you can go f yourself ?

LazyAzzWhiteboy says:

Youre one of those people meant to set people back give em a lil bit of real information then for the next 3 months post bullshit going in circles

Dave Strayer says:

Very insightful. I'm glad I stopped by. You really boosted my learning curve. Thanks!

supercyberfunk says:

Do you only teach how to affiliate with Amazon, or do you teach about Clickbank as well? Just curious.

Yesmister Noawmenace says:

I would put smoking in a different category. Most people start it early on in life when they are indeed not ready for anything, but unlike alcohol or weed, it is extremely addictive. It can stay with them, even when they get their shit together for the most part.

Ronald Poon says:

5 is not right

Joyce Houston says:

I love your videos, wonderful content ?. Question can a person have more than one Niche with a different website or how does that work.?

Bonjourmrd says:

Honestly, points 1 to 7 are about general self-improvement. The ones that make sense in relation to Affiliate Marketing only starts at 9:25

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