How I Made $400 Through Affiliate Marketing Full Affiliate Marketing Guide

How I Made $400 Through Affiliate Marketing Full Affiliate Marketing Guide

Learn how I made or earned $400 through affiliate marketing and how you can do the same too. This is my full guide suitable for beginners on affiliate marketing. If you are from Zambia, Nigeria or South Africa or any country in Africa, then this video is for you. This video does not only apply to the mentioned countries but the entire world.

This video is different from most affiliate marketing videos you will find on YouTube because most of them miss out one thing of which I did mention in the video. So watch this video till the end. After watching this video, you will be guaranteed to make your first sale within 30 days.

I started doing affiliate marketing to see how and if it can work for me, and yes it did. If I will be able to make $1000+ per month through affiliate marketing in the future, I am going to disable ads on my videos so that you can watch and learn without any disturbances.

I made $400+ with only 2 videos. This is more than how much YouTube has paid me since I got monetized. This is proof that you can as well get started on making money on YouTube even when you have 100 subscribers through affiliate marketing. #affiliatemarketing

00:00 Intro
00:18 What you will learn in this video
01:14 What is affiliate marketing in simple English
02:02 Difference between Drop shipping, multi-level marketing (MLM) and Affiliate marketing
03:27 Proof that I made $400 through affiliate marketing
06:18 My other affiliate program I promote
08:14 Why this video is different from other affiliate marketing videos on YouTube
09:00 How to find products to promote using affiliate marketing
10:49 How I promoted my affiliate products or how I made $400
15:00 What to promote when there is nothing to promote
16:16 Conclusion

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